Products and equipment

OZMIX™, the new disinfection appliance of Wellis
Thanks to many years of development, Wellis, manufacturer of hot tubs and swim spas, created a brand new disinfection appliance, the OZMIX™ system. The new world patent Ozmix is significantly more efficient than the other hot tub water purification systems used so far.
Fairland Innovates its INVERX Horizontal Pool Heat Pump
The inverter pool heat pump manufacturer Fairland presents its new INVERX Horizontal series. Fairland is always striving to enhance customer experience through technical innovation and product performance. The latest INVERX Horizontal series includes a new panel with an innovative airflow...
Pool Cover Systems, a range of high-end, made-to-measure pool covers
Pool Cover Systems, the designer and manufacturer of motorised swimming pool safety covers, has enjoyed sustained growth for several years. With superior quality, fast service and delivery reliability, Pool Cover Systems specializes in the production of high-end,  made-to-measure pool covers in...
New inverter swimming pool pump by Aquagem for 2023
To meet the growing demand for energy-efficient and carbon-neutral swimming pool pumps, Aquagem presents its new Inverter swimming pool pump for 2023: InverMaster.
MyWoodPool, Abatec's smartphone app to choose the right wooden pool
This innovation leads a customer through the purchase from the very first step to placing an order. MyWoodPool, thanks to Augmented Reality technology, allows a customer to fully visualise the wooden pool in the place of his choice.
Walter Pool: Movable decking, a trendy safety device
Walter Pool is celebrating its 30-year anniversary this year, by offering two designs of moveable safety decking for covering swimming pools and hot tubs. A multipurpose solution, movable decking is winning over more and more private customers, by combining several benefits: safety, aesthetics,...
High quality wooden pools by Abatec, pool manufacturer
The private pool manufacturer Abatec has chosen to build beautiful wooden swimming pools, sustainable and ecological, for 21 years, always driven by the same passion.
The technical evolution of FITT hoses for inground swimming pools
The range of FITT hose solutions designed for building inground swimming pools has grown over time, thanks to its R&D work, with technical hoses that meet ever higher requirements.
New technologies for convenient and eco-responsible swimming pools with Albixon
ALBIXON has been manufacturing swimming pools and swimming pool enclosures for 30 years, using the latest trends in technology and design. These products include pools with QBIG BENEFIT elaborate technology, which are manufactured without exterior ribbing, but instead with 25cm thermal formwork. ...
iQmfort of Peraqua® for fully automatic pool control
iQmfort is a complete solution of intelligent Peraqua® pool technology for fully automatic pool control. With the automation of the pool technology, you can achieve long-lasting, hygienically clean pool water - the principle for sustainability, safety and hygiene in daily pool operation. 
S.Line Pro Fi: one of the latest pool heat pumps of Hayward
Among their new pool heat pumps Hayward present a new model with Full Inverter technology designed for residential swimming pools. The S. Line Pro Fi is the first heat pump with side ventilation marketed by Hayward. 
Totally safe pool chlorine control
The potassium iodide (Kl) used in DPD No.3 and DPD No.4 tablets to measure chlorine content has recently been listed by the manufacturers as a dangerous substance for the health. Lovibond®, the brand specialising in DPD test methodology, has quickly reacted by developing fast variants of DPD...
Opening the USSPA swim spa with just one hand!
USSPA is one of the most recognized European spa and swim spa manufacturers. 27 years of experience have brought numerous inventions and patented solutions that have contributed to advancing the spa industry forward. An example of these patented solutions is the swim spa with mechanical cover...
Minisalt UV of Pool Technologie, the ideal complement to UV treatment
Businesses and local authorities are increasingly incorporating environmental concerns into their actions. Thus is done with the obvious and commendable goal of directing consumers towards more responsible products.
A wide choice of variable-speed pumps
It’s an established fact that the use of a variable-speed pump provides serious energy savings compared with a pool equipped with single-speed filtration.