Products and equipment

Poolican takes charge of the entire pool
Presented at the Piscine Global Europe fair, the Poolican by Poolstar’s Poolex brand meets a growing need for more compact pool equipment due to lack of space and limited budgets. This user-friendly device combines 4 essential components to maintain healthy pools up to 25 m3.
Heat the spa efficiently at a lower cost with Bowman Heat exchangers
Bowman heat exchangers heat pools 3 times faster than other equipment, thanks to their high heat transfer efficiency. The manufacturer also offers a whole range of heat exchangers specially designed to be associated with renewable energy sources, such as with solar panels or heat pumps.
New Full Inverter Propane Heat Pump of Polytropic
Polytropic the specialist in heat pumps and pool dehumidifiers unveiled several product innovations this year at Piscine Global Europe. Among them the CARE290 heat pump.
The UNIK skimmer and junction box from AstralPool®
AstralPool® is innovating with the UNIK, a customisable, silent skimmer that can be adapted to fit any pool under construction or renovation.
The Drop spa, a drop of luxury in your everyday life
Drop is a spa designed to proudly show its curving forms off outdoors. A refined Finnish design with welcoming ergonomic seats, combined with the high quality of its materials, make it a successful wellness experience.
The new Musa above-ground swimming pool  by Piscine Laghetto® by Fluidra
A benchmark name in contemporary pools, Musa has enriched its Premium collection of Piscine Laghetto® above-ground pools. Musa is a mini-pool with dimensions of 240 x 208 cm or 342 x 208 cm. 
Week-end hot tubs an SCP exclusive
Made in Europe, everything about this range is designed to be both user-friendly and efficient,  Made in Europe, everything about this range is designed to be both user-friendly and efficient, from installation to the touch-sensitive control panel (with temperature display).
hth® EASYCLIC® Advanced®:  easy to use for effective, quality water treatment
A «ready to use» floating diffuser that will provide 3-6 weeks of water treatment once placed in the pool. The device uses calcium hypochlorite without a stabiliser (cyanuric acid), and is perfectly suited to pools with a volume of 30-50m3.   
Poollab® photometer: 3 parallel measuring chambers and wifi connexion
The German company Water-i.d. GmbH, which has been producing and distributing the popular PoolLab 1.0 since 2017 (45,000 new users each year), will offer a new model with technological developments, in the 1st quarter of 2023.
iScoot700 by APF Pool Design for effortless bar covers roll-up
Alongside other new products, APF Pool Design presented its latest innovation in Lyon: the new motorised roller for bar covers, the iScoot700. With its ergonomic design and technology, this roller is easy to handle, so you can uncover the pool quickly in less than a minute, and with no effort!
Velocity, the counter-current swimming system from Heatform
Velocity, among the fastest counter-current swimming systems with up to 1200m3/h Heatform has launched the Velocity counter-current swimming jet. Designed in partnership with high-level swimmers, Velocity produces what the manufacturer calls the most smoothest and powerful swimming current...
The Spa as a real way of life for Watkins Wellness
With over 40 years of experience and 1.75 million spas sold in 70 countries around the globe, Watkins Wellness® is an established specialist in the spa sector. The company offers several collections, developed around a spa experience that has become an essential daily ritual for users. Its...
Dolphin Wave 90i by Maytronics: concentrated performance for HMAC pools
The Maytronics Dolphin Wave 90i is the first WiFi, ‘Always Connected’ commercial pool cleaner and is designed specifically for HMAC pools. 
AXSOL, an extended range of PRM pool access solutions
An expert in accessibility solutions for persons with reduced mobility, AXSOL offers a wide range of products to facilitate pool access: fixed and movable pool lifts, wheelchairs, etc., with solutions adapted to all PRM access problems.  
Energy self-sufficient pool heating with Polytropic
For the specialist in pool heat pumps Polytropic, "Reducing the environmental impact of pools, whether private or public, requires new approaches, new technologies, but also new practices". This is why the designer-manufacturer has developed an innovative hybrid pool heating solution, the...