Products and equipment

A repackaged range of eight essential oils based fragrances
"Velours de Spa" of Camylle is a range of eight essential oils based fragrances designed for perfecting the moments of relaxation passed in a spa.
The “Tana Classic” sauna
The Tana Classic sauna cabin, is an exclusive offer SCP, to add to your line of swimming pools and spas.
Tintometer tablet reagents in new blister packs
Tintometer is now offering its tablet reagents in an aluminium foil blister pack alongside its existing strip packs. This combines the advantages of the well-known Lovibond aluminium strip packs with the ease of use of push-through packaging. Tintometer is a producer of tablet reagents for water...
Bobbin-wound filters for domestic swimming pools
Hydroswim is launching a new range of “small diameter” bobbin-wound filters that are specially adapted for domestic swimming pools.
Dimension One Spas’ Amore Bay
Dimension One Spas’ Amore Bay comfortably accommodates up to 7 persons and stands out the crowd because of its distinct massage areas, including a multi-level playground in which everyone can move about freely.
New battery-operated manual brush
Hexagone’s new manual brush, Quick Vac’, is light and portable. It is battery-operated and makes it possible to clean a pool of 10 x 5 minutes in less than 7 minutes.
Overflow Skimmer
Complete novelty on the world market, it is a new conception skimmer launched by Pool’s, that works like an overflow gutter.
Nestor Duo, a new robot
Nestor Duo, the new robot of Mareva helps you adapt the length of cleaning cycle according to the needs of your pool.
Solar heating
The German solar heating specialists, SOLAR-RIPP ®, are co-ordinating their sales in Britain through wholesalers...
La Piscina
La Piscina srl deals exclusively with swimming pool building, running and assistance...
Smoother swimspa
The H2X swimspa Master Spas incorporates the patented Exerswim propulsion system...
Wave Series Fonteyn Spas
The Wave Series Fonteyn Spas proposes high performance, luxury spas come fully equipped with all the luxury of air injection, ozone treated water, LED lighting and the amazing Wave Seat.