Products and equipment

Two new models of swimming pool shelters at Eureka
Among the new ranges of telescopic shelters offered by Eureka since autumn 2007, the manufacturer displayed the Cybèle model (opposite) during the last fair that was organised in Lyon.
The new floor or wall mounted Calorex DH 44 and DH 66 dehumidifier
Calorex elegantly controlling humidity and saving energy
The new Calorex 29 range heat pumps
With more than a quarter of a million units in operation all over the world, Calorex has raised the bar but not the price with its new 29 range of pool heat pumps.
Alkorplan 3000 : High protection against abrasion, ageing and staining
Renolit AG is an international leader in the manufacture of high-quality thermoplastic films and products. The company makes reinforced linings for swimming pools and its new Alkorplan 3000 is an innovation in the market.
Aquafinesse hot tub water treatment system
AquaFinesse ™ is a completely different spa maintenance alternative to chlorine or bromine. It provides clean, clear and odor-free water with only one dose per week! It also softens hot tub water by eliminating calcium and scale build-up the tub's equipment.
The pool kit
Europapools markets its absolutely complete classic or modern swimming pool kit in Europe (concrete and concrete reinforcing bar not included).
Ozone Generators Ozy
Aquatron offers Ozone generators under the brand name OZY "Corona Discharge (CD)".
COBIA™ cleans up for Aquatron
Aquatron a développé un générateur de chlore conçu pour être installé à l’intérieur de ses systèmes de nettoyage de piscine automatisés.
The world's first automated color-changing pool light, by PENTAIR
Solar-energy operated automatic cover
APF New motorised above-ground model that is operated by solar energy – rotating – the automatic solar cover uses the structure of Above Ground Motorised model with or without mechanical stop.
Spa 775
The space allocated to six users of spa 775 of Clair’Azur ensures moments of relaxation for the whole family. It has two special beds: one has been especially made, after research, for the woman and it takes into account a smaller build and offers soft and relaxing massages; while the other one...
A spa for 4 seasons
Clair’Azur launches its new range of shelters «Clair abri». This patented system, manufactured in France, represents a real innovation in the field of spa shelters.
Family-size spa
Cryogenic treatment
A professional quality cleaner
Polaris 480 combines design and performance and is ideal for swimming pools of bigger dimensions.