Products and equipment

VIBES by USSPA, new top product in the mid-spa segment
A traditional European spa producer since 1995, USSPA has released a completely new spa range which is raising the standards of the mid spa segment, yet offering attractive price to quality ratio. VIBES stands out not only with a unique modern design developed by an award-winning designer team,...
Emaux Galaxy single and multi-element cartridge filter
The Emaux Galaxy multi-element cartridge filter is designed with non-corroding and durable materials. It offers high impurity capture performance, in particular due to its higher-than-average filtering surface. Ecological, this filter requires very little water for its maintenance, easy to...
« Green Chemistry » and « Evo » reagents by Lovibond for greater safety
For several years, Lovibond® has been replacing ingredients in its swimming pool water analysis reagents with risk-free alternatives wherever possible and reducing chemicals to the bare minimum.
Premium range of semi-rigid spas Netspa
The semi-rigid Netspa offers a compromise between inflatable and rigid spas. Quick to install, it maintains its shape over time. Whether round or octagonal, a semi-rigid spa can be optionally equipped with matching outdoor furniture to create an attractive oasis of well-being, both indoors and...
Hydrofloors® Transforming Pool & Spa Floor System by Twinscape
Many clients want a luxury pool yet are concerned about devoting a large space to a pool. This is where movable floor pools excel; they enable a pool to securely vanish from sight so that the space can be used for other purposes. This gives the client control over how their pool space is used.
UV-C disinfection accessible to above-ground swimming pools
The Blue Lagoon Xpose is a UV-C system especially made for above-ground pools and small in-ground pools. It offers a plug and play concept of water disinfection by UV-C, affordable and easy to install, as it stands upright, without any wall mount (4 ground secure mounting holes).
iScoot700 of APF Pool Design: effortless bar-supported cover roll-up
Presented among its new products by APF Pool Design at the last Piscine Global Europe fair, the iScoot 700 is an ultra-fast motorised roller for bar-supported covers. It rolls up pool covers without effort in 50 seconds.
New DEL Premium bubble and isothermal cover
The new DEL Premium alveolar cover is the entirely fruit of CF Group's R&D technology. It provides remarkable thermal performance thanks to the patented shape and contour of its alveolar bubble that contains more air.
PolySolar Energy System: reducing pool costs
An exclusive Polytropic product that aligns perfectly with today's needs, the manufacturer's latest innovation reaps the benefits of photovoltaic technology by combining it with a heat pump.
WaluDeck: an extended choice of configurations for mobile decks
Walter Pool, the specialist in mobile safety decks for pools, proposes two contemporary concepts: the WaluDeck ORIGIN and the WaluDeck FLAT, with similar technical characteristics but different dimensions.
Poolsquad iPO & iPOQLOR of Pool Technologie, the future of electrolysis
Aware of environmental issues, Pool Technologie has launched two new onsite chlorine generators to minimise environmental impact through low salt consumption, but especially to eliminate the need to add salt to the pool. The Poolsquad® iPO and iPOQLOR® electrolysis cell is not installed in the...
Customisable colour filtering panel for the GS14 Miroir of Filtrinov
The GS14 Miroir filtering panel is already a success, offering a compact and scalable filtration system. To meet the needs and wishes of its customers even further, the cover and embedded parts now come in various colours to mix or match. Already highly modular, the filtering panel is now even...
DURATECH for a smart swimming pool
The expectations of a technical pool installation are ever-increasing, making it more complex. The installation, connection and commissioning take more valuable time from the specialist installer. Day-to-day use is also becoming a challenge, more pool owners are finding it difficult to operate...
The Vitalia Premium Silent Flow heat pump of CF Group for pool heating
The Vitalia Premium Silent Flow heat pump (see the 2023 CF Group catalogue) has been designed to offer a high yield for pool heating, while reducing acoustic emissions in order to preserve bathers’ comfort.
Treat and repair spa and pool leaks with Fix A Leak
Specialised in leak repair since 1980, Marlig Industries Inc. presents Fix A Leak, a highly concentrated leak sealer used for swimming pools, spas and hot tubs. The product is used for plumbing and structural leaks in pools and is sold worldwide.