Products and equipment

Solar-Ripp® has been using renewable energy for over 25 years
The German solar technology manufacturer SOLAR-RIPP® has been manufacturing tailor-made solar heaters for heating the swimming water in pools and swimming ponds for over 25 years. 
Ideal training conditions with counter-current systems from Binder
By offering turbine-powered counter-current systems, BINDER sets itself apart from conventional pump-powered systems . They are not only very powerful, but also energy-saving and offer a variety of training options.
A comprehensive solution for delivering spas
The company SDS offers ingenious equipment for the transport and delivery of spas. The innovative and practical concept of this Austrian company, the Spa Delivery System (SDS), has been specially designed to deliver spas easily, quickly and inexpensively. In fact, this system requires only one...
The Aquastar control®, the fully automatic pool control from Peraqua
The new Aquastar control® P6 from Peraqua is a fully automatic backwash system for the Praher Plastics 6-way backwash valve 1½ ", 2" and 3 ". With its intelligent control electronics, it provides numerous fully automatic functions and is the perfect "all-in-one" control device for private...
A new range of Premium Pool Equipment by Pahlén
Pahlén AB, Sweden based manufacturer of Premium Pool Equipment, has again improved its exclusive range of stainless steel poolparts. The new modular inlet comes with the same flow technique which is used in their Jet Swim systems: Motion and Athlete. 
EVAstream: an innovative approach for an unrestrained swimming experience
Swimming as if you were in a 25-metre pool from the comfort of your own home. The EVAstream makes it possible. EVAstream turns every swimming pool into a professional training facility.
The wide range of spas by SCP UK
SCP UK offers a wide range of spas including the exclusive Garden Leisure Spas range. It allows the users to experience the benefits of hydrotherapy at home, a perfect way to relax indoor or outdoor.
Mazda pool heat pumps arrive in Europe
Since 1909, Mazda has commercialised powerful and innovative equipment, including batteries, radiators and a wide range of equipment devoted to the control of energy consumption.
The new Pool eXact® EZ Photometer Starter Kit from ITS Europe
ITS Europe includes Bluetooth® connectivity and is NSF/ANSI Standard 50 Level 1 certified (the highest accuracy rating available required by the MAHC). It delivers 11 pool water parameters with lab-quality results.
Aquark supports pool market expansion with InverPad® technology
Since the launch of the InverPad® Technology in 2017, Aquark has gained a stronger presence and increased sales success in the pool heat pump industry. Below are three examples of Aquark partners or distributors who have experienced positive results since partnering with the Chinese inverter pool...
Wellis Spas: Blend into nature at home
“The Sense of Nature” is the newest campaign of Wellis and is clear at first glance! It seems to say: “You could have a natural feeling at home, when using your own hot tub!” … Among the company’s wide range of hot tubs, everyone can find its own personalisation to enjoy the sweet...
BADU Jet Turbo counter swim unit from Speck Pumpen
The premium counter swim unit BADU JET Turbo combines innovative technology with elegant design in the well-proven BADU quality “Made in Germany”. The flow-optimised and efficient propeller technology creates an even, smooth flow pattern and thus provides a very natural swimming experience...
HSG282 compliance: The Lovibond Professional Pool and Spa Photometer Kit
The Lovibond® Professional Pool and Spa Photometer Kit enables the operator to measure all the tests mentioned in HSG282 from one case. Contained within the kit is an MD 100 Professional Photometer for the measurement of chlorine, bromine and pH and an SD 80 Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Pen. 
Fit and healthy thanks to counter-current systems of Binder
BINDER’s turbine-operated HydroStar and EasyStar counter-current systems make it very easy to realise such plans, at least as far as sport is concerned. Their unique, individually customisable current enables anyone to slowly increase their fitness.
The Heatstar Phoenix EC hybrid heat recovery ventilation system
The Heatstar Phoenix EC is a hybrid heat recovery ventilation system that incorporates three different, highly effective technologies working together to create an optimum environmental control solution for high specification pools.