Products and equipment

Centurio Pool from Emec manages the entire pool system
Emec has designed Centurio Pool, a modern and reliable digital control system, intended to ensure the safe management of swimming pool water treatments. Indeed, it can control all the parameters of the pool in a versatile way. 
Feel-good bubbles from Microsilk® of Poolstar
For almost 17 years now, Poolstar has established a solid reputation by excelling in 3 areas - swimming pools & gardens, wellness and water sports. With a single objective in mind: making its customers 100% satisfied. To achieve this goal, the R&D department is constantly on the lookout for new...
logyconcept3D, the software to boost swimming pool sales
logyconcept3D, the 3D software to help sell swimming pools is already being used by over 1,000 French users and pool manufacturers and is now targeting other European markets. This incredibly easy to use software has currently been translated into English, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.
An ultra-powerful filtering for swimming pool exclusively at Everblue
With its new Astra Glass Plus® range of filters for swimming pool, Everblue offers an exclusive product capable of guaranteeing an exceptionally high filtration level of less than 10 microns. 
BADU JET Turbo (and Pro) of Speck in salt water version
The premium BADU JET Turbo and BADU JET Turbo Pro counter swim units from Speck make it easy to swim without turns. The flow-optimised propeller technology generates an even flow pattern providing a real open-water feeling. The user is free to choose the power of the swimming current according to...
New pool cover with no corrodible components by Pool Cover Systems
Pool Cover Systems has developed and produced bespoke high-end pool covers for over 10 years in Weelde, Belgium. The company has therefore developed a reliable and affordable pool cover consisting of composite profiles and plastic suspension parts.
New smart systems for swimming pools and spas of Microdos
Microdos offers fully digital, multi-parameter measuring instruments with a 10-inch touch screen, which integrate the key functions for complete pool control.  Objective: a continuous and controlled water disinfection.  
Inverter heat pumps by EVERBLUE
With an acoustic level below 38 dB, the EVERDREAM and EVERDREAMY heat pumps operate very silently. Their stainless-steel design guarantees great durability.  
Renolit Alkorplan Relief: textured and non-slip reinforced membranes for swimming pools
Renolit Alkorplan Relief is a range of swimming pool reinforced membranes offering a vast variety of colours and textures with anti-slip properties, designed to provide safe, aesthetic linings for swimming pools. 
The Vitalia Premium Silent Flow heat pump of CF Group for pool heating
The Vitalia Premium Silent Flow heat pump (see the 2023 CF Group catalogue) has been designed to offer a high yield for pool heating, while reducing acoustic emissions in order to preserve bathers’ comfort.
Orkestron by IOT Flowers: universal optimisation made simple
The system perfected by Orkestron, the experts in pool automation, offers connectivity that is both simple and comprehensive, allowing pool equipment to operate optimally and economically.   
A new range of contemporary designer spas of Jacuzzi
Today, Jacuzzi® is presenting its most recent range of acrylic spas: the J-LX®. This new collection of spas with contemporary design reflects both elegance and modernity. Indeed, all models are equipped with luminous metallic corners on the exterior of the pool.
The new concept for monoblock connected pools from Piscines Provence Polyester
In 2020, American group Team Horner acquired Piscines Provence Polyester, the French pioneer in monoblock polyester pools. Since it was created in 1972, the manufacturer has been one of the biggest pool installers in Europe. Team Horner, which is also celebrating its 50th anniversary this year,...
hth® creates an ultra-simple treatment process for spas
The hth® Spa EASYCLIC®SPA 160 G floating diffuser makes everthing fast and easy. Ready to use – and easy on the eyes – all the user has to do is place the diffuser in the water.
AquaRite® Pro Touch of Hayward, latest-generation salt electrolysis
Following the success of the AquaRite® Pro salt electrolyser, Hayward has launched a new generation electrolyser in its Expert Line range: the AquaRite® Pro Touch.