Products and equipment

The electronic device Scuba II from Lovibond : easy and reliable pool water analysis
The Scuba II by Lovibond® is a versatile pool professional who swims, dives - and also brings an additional fun factor to the pool. Incidentally, controlling the water quality with the Scuba II is also fun: the electronic measuring device handles the analysis with ease, quickly and reliably.
A comprehensive solution for delivering spas
The company SDS offers ingenious equipment for the transport and delivery of spas. The innovative and practical concept of this Austrian company, the Spa Delivery System (SDS), has been specially designed to deliver spas easily, quickly and inexpensively. In fact, this system requires only one...
Mini-pool: integrating a swimeo swimming turbine
Since 2021, SIREM has designed, manufactured and marketed a brand new generation of counter-current swimming turbines called Swimeo. The Swimeo turbine enables users to transform their pools into swimming centres to enjoy the benefits of home swimming, even in small pools.
Abrisud, a range of French-made pool enclosures
A major player on the enclosure market, Abrisud has designed and manufactured enclosure solutions for pools, spas and outdoor spaces for over 25 years. Today, guided by a dynamic policy based on quality and innovation, the brand is entering a new era of its history.
An expanded offer with AquaFloor mobile floors by T&A
T&A recently acquired Morgana Floor, located in Belgium. This company has more than 10 years of experience in movable floors for swimming pools. Its AquaFloor range of mobile floors fits perfectly into T&A’s range of high-quality pool covers.
Pool management everywhere and at any time with Pool Technologie
In partnership with Solem, Pool Technologie has developed e-Pool® Connect, a full range that meets the various needs of the market in terms of remote pool management. From the simple float to the connected pool kit (clock + relay antenna), this set of modular solutions enables the remote...
Poollab® photometer: 3 parallel measuring chambers and wifi connexion
The German company Water-i.d. GmbH, which has been producing and distributing the popular PoolLab 1.0 since 2017 (45,000 new users each year), will offer a new model with technological developments, in the 1st quarter of 2023.
WPoseidon heat pump: power and performance to heat large pools
The new range of WPoseidon heat pumps by Warmpac, the specialist of technical and connectable pool equipment, brings a wave of power and performance to the heat pump market for large pools. Specially designed for collective and public pool, the WPoseidon is an all-season heat pump that optimises...
Aquark’s new inverter pool heat pump for a best pool heating experience
What kind of pool heat pumps are attractive for pool owners? Aquark takes some examples and explains them clearly: more energy efficient, quieter, and more intelligent. 
Fairland Marches toward a New Era of Smart Outdoor Living
In the context of global climate change and energy shortage, Fairland, a leading enterprise in inverter technology innovation, announced a comprehensive upgrade of its brand positioning & vision as 20x Saving iGarden.
Brand New 3D AR Experience for Platinum Spas
Platinum Spas is proud to announce their latest venture into 3D AR (Augmented Reality) hot tub experience which is available to view on the Platinum Spas website.
Outdoor hot tubs made by Oy Nordic SPA Ltd for everyday luxury
With over 30 years of experience, Oy Nordic SPA Ltd aims to offer well-designed and well-manufactured Finnish outdoor hot tubs at a reasonable price to increase the well-being and enjoyment of its customers.
The New R290 i-GreenLine Ultra Swimming Pool Heat Pump of PHNIX
Staying true to its original aspiration, PHNIX has always pursued to contribute to slowing global warming and promoting carbon neutrality. So, the company is proud to launch the new R290 i-GreenLine Ultra Pool Heat Pump to the Market.
Rock Pool process of Carobbio: rapid construction of above-ground or in-ground pools in modular panels
Rock Pool is an innovative system of self-supporting modular panels made of reconstituted, reinforced and lightened natural stone, to make them easier to handle. This process was developed and patented by the Italian company Carobbio. It can be used to build any shape and size of pool, allowing...
Dinotec Electrolysis systems for public pools
Salt electrolysis in public pools is an obvious choice for Dinotec, offering a clear return on investment to operators of swimming pools in campsites, hotels, water parks, etc. It is also a more ecological solution, requiring less storage space and more economical resources than chlorine.