Welcome to the Pool Studio of EuroSpaPoolNews. We created a partnership with GL Events for the Piscine Global Europe 2018 show. Our studio was the place to be where professionals from the Pool and Spa Industry exchanged on subjects as innovation, ecology and community pools. The theme 'The Pool as a New Art of Living' was the topic of Piscine Global Europe 2018.

EuroSpaPoolNews welcomes Andreas Weissenbacher, CEO of  BWT / PROCOPI, in the next video interview.
The occasion for
BWT / PROCOPI to reveal their new products and the latest industry news.
Andreas Weissenbacher did not hesitate a second to give his opinion about the Piscine Global Europe 2018 themes and trends.

EuroSpaPoolNews likes to thank Andreas Weissenbacher, CEO of  BWT / PROCOPI for this precious moment.

The entire team of EuroSpaPoolNews says a big thank you to Noémi Petit, the director of GL Events and her team. Without them this Pool Studio project would not have been born.
We are eager to learn more and continue in getting more of those meetings!


Interview de Andreas Weissenbacher photos du making-of, les coulisses de Pool Studio

Behind the scenes of Andreas Weissenbacher's interview