Fluidra continues to bet on the Asian market. The Spanish multinational group, which specialises in the development of applications for the sustainable use of water, has opened a regional branch in Thailand, strategically located in a business park only 5 km from Bangkok international airport.

Fluidra The new Thailand branch has 750 m2 of offices and a warehouse. It aims to meet the needs of the Thai market by providing a local service and by delivering orders quickly and efficiently. The branch is managed by Manop Homsuwan.

The Thailand branch, which includes offices and a warehouse, is based in Bangkok. Located in a business park next to the capital’s main airport, it will cover the Thai market. The Chinese company Loitech will specialise in the manufacturing of heat and cooling pumps. It includes a production plant, one laboratory and a complete assembly line.

Fluidra is also growing in China. The group has closed a deal with Zhenghai Tiangao Refrigerator Equipment, enabling Fluidra to open Loitech, a plant for manufacturing heat and cooling pumps. With this deal Fluidra has managed to position itself in a new segment of the Asian market, and at the same time bring production closer to demand.

Entering the heat pump market via a local company enables Fluidra to have a firm grip on Chinese market operations, as well as gaining a thorough local knowledge of suppliers. Production will be destined not only for the Asian market but also for Europe, South America and Australia.

The new manufacturing plant covers a surface area of 2,633 m2. It includes one laboratory and a complete assembly line. With its seven branches and several production sites located in key Chinese cities, Fluidra covers most of the Chinese market. The first branch was opened in 2003 in the city of Shanghai (North-east), followed by Beijing (North) in 2004, Guangzhou (South-east) and Chengdu (South-west) in 2005, and Shenyang (North-east), Kunming (South-west) and Hainan (South) in 2008. Most of the production plants are based in Ningbo.