Products and equipment

The discreet, customizable and silent skimmer of AstralPool
AstralPool® is launching a new innovative skimmer designed to integrate harmoniously into any type of pool that it makes itself forget. Skimmer Unik is designed in ABS under European quality standards and with a 5-year warranty. It was developed by AstralPool to offer pool owners greater...
A mini-spotlight that is as powerful as a larger model by CCEI
CCEI proposes a discreet mini-spotlight that ensures as much pool lighting as a larger model. The Mini-BRiO 2 is just as compact as the first generation with 50% extra power, producing up to 1300 lumens in white!
Two new filtration products ACIS
ACIS, the French manufacturer and supplier to pool and spa professionals, is launching a new, compact and ecofriendly cartridge filter for the next season. The 6-Clone filter by Vipool guarantees a high degree of filtration of around 15 microns, and up to 10 microns with an anti-bacterial filter.
Salt & Swim® 2.0 +, Hayward’s range of connected salt electrolysers
Salt & Swim® 2.0 + is Hayward’s new range of connected salt electrolysers that offer chlorine production of 8, 16, 22 or 33 g/h with a salinity rate of 3 to 100 g/L, depending on the model (pools from 30 to 150 m3). This device, which was presented among Hayward’s 2021 range, is the first...
A new range of Premium Pool Equipment Pahlén
Pahlén AB, Sweden based manufacturer of Premium Pool Equipment, has again improved its exclusive range of stainless steel poolparts. The new modular inlet comes with the same flow technique which is used in their Jet Swim systems; Motion and Athlete.
Two new salt electrolysers from a water treatment specialist
French company Bio-Pool presents two new salt electrolysers that meet the needs of pools up to 140 m3. The fruit of over 20 years of expertise in pool water treatment, the new Revolusel is an elegant electrolyser that is recommended for pools from 30 to 140 m3.
The latest heat pump models of Hayward
Hayward presents 2 new models with Full Inverter technology designed for residential swimming pools: the S. Line Pro Fi and the SumHeat Fi. The S. Line Pro Fi is the first heat pump with side ventilation marketed by Hayward. This pump is perfect for small spaces, since the back only needs to be...
An environment-friendly pool in the smartphone of Vágner Pool
VÁGNER POOL is a renowned producer and distributor of advanced pool technology and accessories – Intelligent pool control system, electro automatic control units, pool liners, Vamila stainless-steel program, reel systems for solar cover, electric heaters and transformers - who recently...
Two new high-end Alpha iQ of Zodiac
Two new models of Zodiac® robots have appeared on the robotic pool cleaner market this year. In the Alpha iQ™ range, the RA 6800 iQ and the RA 6900 iQ have revealed their capacities for performance. They are equipped with powerful and long-lasting cyclonic suction in addition to the Sensor Nav....
The world premiere swimming pool pump made from organic plastic of Speck Pumpen
New, unique and innovative, the BADU Eco Future from SPECK Pumpen is the first swimming pool pump made from organic plastic. The manufacturer is setting a new standard and sending a clear signal in terms of sustainability and climate protection.
The electronic device Scuba II from Lovibond : easy and reliable pool water analysis
The Scuba II by Lovibond® is a versatile pool professional who swims, dives - and also brings an additional fun factor to the pool. Incidentally, controlling the water quality with the Scuba II is also fun: the electronic measuring device handles the analysis with ease, quickly and reliably.
Elegance and luminosity for a new cabinet creation of Aquavia Spa
Aquavia Spa presents its latest creation for 2022, the Aurora cabinet, an innovative, sensorial and sustainable proposal. The experience starts from the outside, with a piece of cabinet that awakens all the senses.
Simplicity in pool management and supervision with EZPool
EZPool is a simple and economical swimming pool connection and automation solution known as ‘professional pool linking’. This universal system includes a mobile or web application and requires a Wi-Fi connection. It also consists of two units, EZ1 and EZ2, that offer scalable features. 
New UV/Ultra Low Salt® (Uls) hybrid range of Pool Technologie
Based on its expertise in water treatment by salt electrolysis, Pool Technologie has developed its first hybrid UV/Ultra Low Salt® (ULS) device. It offers a balanced combination of two controlled technologies: water disinfection by UV and persistent disinfection by salt electrolysis.
Ultra-powerful and compact screw-on pool light of CCEI
Mini pool lights are in style and CCEI has followed the trend with their new Mid BRiO compact pool light. It offers an unrivalled power-lumens-dimensions ratio with 2600 lm (monochrome) for a diameter of only 75 mm to create a real source of light in the pool.