Products and equipment

Vortex Heat Pump full range heating capacity by Cubic
Cubic Electrical Appliance manufactures high quality air-source swimming pool heat pumps. The new on/off Vortex series offers a full range of heating capacity from 4.5kW to 27.8kW. 
A video tutorial guiding on the proper bonding of FITT B-Active pool pipes
FITT B-Active swimming pool hoses and pipes are manufactured using high quality raw materials that ensure total adhesion with the glues on the market. Watch the short tutorial on proper bonding between FITT B-Active Flex and FITT B-Active Rigid.
Productos QP unveils new laminated filters
Productos QP offers the most comprehensive and cutting-edge range of pool equipment, including laminated swimming pool filters.
The connected swimming pool by Pool Technologie
Indygo® is the result of the collaboration between Pool Technologie and the company SOLEM. This solution means the swimming pool can communicate and be set from anywhere.
Heating and cooling your small swimming pool with Cubic Electrical
Cube pool heat pump series from Cubic Electrical Appliance are easy to install. This range is designed for small pools up to 20 m3. Reliable, easy to use, budget-friendly, these heat pumps are compact and take up little space while offering big power.
What to know before buying pool salt (tips from Zoutman)?
To disinfect swimming pool water by electrolysis, Zoutman offers POOLSEL® salt, a pure sea salt without additives, such as anti-caking agents. This salt is EN16401 type A and BPR 528/2012-certified. It ispacked in sturdy quality foil and comes in ergonomic bags of 15 kg with a carrying handle, 25...
Davey's new ProMatic Lifeguard salt water chlorinator available from SCP
The ProMatic Lifeguard chlorinator from Davey is an SCP exclusive and includes the simplicity of the EcoSalt2 chlorinator combined with a complete and connected pool water management system for pools up to 175 m3.  A Wi-Fi connection for the control of the device is possible thanks to a...
Innovative combination of ultraviolet technology, low salinity electrolysis and water hydrolysis by Hayward
In Hayward’s Expert Line range, the AquaRite® UV LS is one of the great novelties in terms of pool water disinfection systems. Combining 3 proven water disinfection systems, it provides a complete solution to benefit from disinfected and disinfecting water with complete peace of mind. 
The new range of fun and high-tech pool heat pumps
The new Penguin4Pool heat pump is aimed at small pools and above ground pools. It offers efficient pool heating with an attractive and original penguin shaped look. This range integrates a concentration of high-tech technologies with a very fun appearance.
New features for the Aquavac® 650 robot of Hayward
Easy and manageable, The AquaVac® 650 benefits from innovative technologies for pool cleaning. This robot incorporates HexaDriveTM technology for optimum grip on the pool walls. This 3-motor adaptive traction system enables it to climb the pool walls easily and to clean efficiently, thanks to its...
USSPA exhibits a unique transparent spa at Designblok20
At Designblok20, the exhibition of the Czech production company USSPA was dominated by a unique transparent spa, which had become the centerpiece of a distinctive audio-visual experience. The design of the exhibition, which reflected the theme "Passion", had been therefore undertaken by the...
New Ottimo pool heat pump from Polytropic
The pool heating specialist Polytropic presents its new high performance heat pump. Ottimo has a vertical blower which allows a small footprint. Full Inverter, silent, 4 inch color touch screen, integrated wifi ...
The new UV/Ultra Low Salt® (ULS) hybrid range by Pool Technologie
Launched in partnership with Bio-UV, a leader on the UV water treatment market, this hybrid device is the first Ultra Low Salt® (ULS) chlorinator by Pool Technologie.
The new Ocean® Brick system from Peraqua
Peraqua® presents the new system brick - 100% designed, developed and made in Austria - for the basic pool construction in individual sizes. With a specially developed design, Ocean® Brick meets all requirements for pool construction.
The Vektro range of electric cleaners for swimming pools and spas
The Vektro electric cleaners range offers effective cleaning solutions for spas, small pools and swimming pools. The Vektro Pro is ideal for cleaning swimming pools and spas. The Vektro Mini effectively removes dirt from spas and small pools.