Products and equipment

Control your pool by voice with Hayward for ultimate comfort
‘What’s the pH level of my pool?’ ‘... and the redox?’ ‘Start filtration!’ ‘Turn up the heating!’ ... These are a few examples of the vocal commands you can give to your Alexa vocal assistant or Google Home device. But only with Hayward equipment! In 2021, voice control was a...
Innovative technological solutions and new design for the Wellis spa range
The year 2023 holds new challenges, particularly in terms of energy consumption. In response to this, Wellis teams worked on new sensations to improve the user experience. The result: a new range of spas appearing with a new design, new solutions, and a new insulation system, all to facilitate...
The LED lighting systems from BINDER
Push yourself to the limit or relax with wellness exercises: in the unique current of the HydroStar turbine swimming system, the day's stresses are quickly forgotten. Time in the pool is made even better with the LED lighting systems from BINDER, which bathe the water in many colours.
The Pool Technologie catalogue 2023 is here to discover online
The Pool Technologie catalogue 2023 is out now. You will find everything that makes up Pool Technologie’s DNA: innovative products for the user and eco-designed in France.
Energy self-sufficient pool heating with Polytropic
For the specialist in pool heat pumps Polytropic, "Reducing the environmental impact of pools, whether private or public, requires new approaches, new technologies, but also new practices". This is why the designer-manufacturer has developed an innovative hybrid pool heating solution, the...
SDS, a comprehensive solution for delivering spas
The company SDS offers ingenious equipment for the transport and delivery of spas. The innovative and practical concept of this Austrian company, the Spa Delivery System (SDS), has been specially designed to deliver spas easily, quickly and inexpensively. 
The new Warmpac catalogue is out now
Warmpac, the specialist in technical and connected swimming pool equipment, has launched the new edition of its annual catalogue. The ‘W’ catalogue 2023 is out now with its new features, available online or upon request in a printed version.
The Klereo Kub, a new concept of pool technical room
The compact generation is making its way into the world of pools. Functional, efficient and beautiful, Klereo’s latest innovation is the result of 14 years of R&D and combines all the expertise of the manufacturer in connected pool automation.  
The Vitalia Premium Silent Flow heat pump of CF Group for pool heating
The Vitalia Premium Silent Flow heat pump (see the 2023 CF Group catalogue) has been designed to offer a high yield for pool heating, while reducing acoustic emissions in order to preserve bathers’ comfort.
The flat telescopic enclosure for residential pools by Abridays®
Abridays® has enriched its collection of bespoke enclosures with a flat model that is made in Europe and complies with the NF P90-309 standard. The result of an ever-growing demand by users, the success of this flat pool enclosure is explained by its discreet lines and easy deployment.
Lilian Labs: simplification of photometric water-measurements in swimming pools
The newly available LILIAN water analysis system from the German Lilian Labs GmbH promises to greatly simplify regular water quality measurements in public swimming pools and water treatment applications. It is already available in many European countries and it will also come to Spain this year!...
One single clever POP display for the entire range of Toucan products
The entire range of Toucan products can be enhanced in store thanks to eye-catching packaging on the one hand, but also thanks to a practical POP floor display to be placed at the end of the aisle or near the tills. 
Evastream swimming system against the current by EVA OPTIC
Eva Optic has developed EVAstream, a compact but very powerful swimming system against the current, transforming even the smallest pools into training pools. EVAstream offers a complete swimming program against the current, for all ages and levels: Sprint training (18 mn), Short interval training...
Putting an end to algae with BEHQ products
Based on 30 years of experience in the research and development of formulas to treat problems associated with pool water, BEHQ has focused its efforts to combat algae. Various methods exist to eliminate them: shock treatment, algicides and even the use of heavy metals like copper.
VIBES by USSPA is a top product in the mid-spa segment consisting of 4 different models. With modern design and attractive quality to price ratio, this spa line targets the middle-income group of young families.