Products and equipment

Enhancing pool fun with the new BINDER +system
The new BINDER +System enhances the HydroStar turbine swimming system, offering a range of additional features that make pool time even more enjoyable. This innovative system includes an array of enhancements, from diverse lighting effects to an advanced control panel and an integrated WLAN...
Vigipool by CCEI, connected and customizable technical room
With Vigipool, CCEI offers a set of automated and connected devices that communicate with each other and together form a complete technical room, to be controlled with your smartphone, using a single application.
Chill Tubs'Essential Pod: an inflatable ice bath easy to transport
Superior Wellness introduces the new inflatable ice bath by Chill Tubs. Easy to transport, the Chill Tubs'Essential Pod is portable and allows cold bath fans to enjoy these benefits at an affordable price.
New Wellis Iceland Cold Plunge Tub: to benefit from a cold water immersion
Specialist manufacturer of spas and swim spas, Wellis presents Iceland cold Plunge Tub. The water in this plunge bath can be very cold, down to 2°C, or at the usual temperature for a spa, up to 40°C.
The new LILIAN Photometer Wave
Since its launch, the Photometer Pro has quickly become a great success both nationally and internationally for regular water testing in public swimming pools. In 2024, LILIAN launched a new product. 
Empty pool filterboxes ready-to-equip
In the CF group 2024 catalogue, professionals can discover the new Pool Partner above-ground technical premises, to be equipped. Delivered assembled, they come in versions: Classic, like a trunk, Premium and Premium Plus, cabinet style and close with a key lock.
PowerPro and PowerActive Swim Spa collection from Jacuzzi
The Swim Spa collection from Jacuzzi allows you to swim against the current at any intensity and perform aquatic exercices with absolute naturalness. The design is specific to eliminate the annoying returne wave while the suction elements eliminate any residual turbulence. 
Be Brane 3D Surface by BWT Pool Products, a stylish relief membrane that's better for the planet
BWT Pool Products has launched a new range of reinforced pool membranes, sold exclusively through pool professionals, that are both highly technical and reduce the carbon footprint!
WaluDeck Iso+, the ultra-insulating mobile terrace
A new addition to the Walter Pool range of mobile terraces, the WaluDeck Iso+ will be marketed from this summer. It promises to become a new standard on the pool and spa mobile terrace market... 
Heating the spa with complete peace of mind thanks to Spa Energy Optimizer
y offering your smart spa and swim spa customers the Spa Energy Optimizer solution, you can be sure you will make the clients happy. This energy optimization box not only reduces electricity bills linked to the operation of the spa, but also limits its environmental impact, by communicating with...
POOLSEL®, a pure and natural salt for swimming pools
Swimming pool owners and swimming pool professionals favour POOLSEL® salt for electro chlorination, because of its natural origin, its purity (EN 16401 Type A) and its rapid solubility. This swimming pool salt also complies with the strict provisions of the European regulation on biocidal...
CF Comfort Inverter R290: connected Full Inverter heat pump
The CF Comfort Inverter R290 heat pump totally fulfils the demands of today’s consumers for energy efficiency, reduced impact on global warming, connectivity and silence. Moreover, this heat pump is certified class A according to the new guidelines of the NF EN 17645 standard.
Save water with Pentair’s ClearPro® technology
If covering the pool has become obvious to avoid water evaporation and thus save it, offering a water-saving filter is surely the second eco-responsible recommendation to provide to your customers. The water is even better filtered and offers optimum quality to swimmers. 
OKAndinavia: A spa for the more demanding
A leading manufacturer of spa products in Europe, Hanscraft unveils the OKAndinavia Diamond, billed as “a spa masterpiece”, crafted in a luxurious design. Its style takes its roots in the timeless design of the Scandinavian Bauhaus, a refined and functional style at the same time, signed by...
Hydroflex 4D Perception, the new line of 150/100th reinforced membranes
The Hydroflex range has recently been enriched with a new line of reinforced 150/100th coatings! After its Hydroflex 3D Sensation range, with mineral textures and a unique feel, and the Native range, which is specially designed for non-standard shapes, overflow pools and complex shapes, APF Pool...