Products and equipment
A great « cocooning » atmosphere with the MIRAMONTE sauna
FLUIDRA pulls out all the stops with this Finnish dry sauna with its elegant lines, the whole interior enhanced with white LED lighting harmoniously laid along the benches, creating an original and cosy luminous veneered effect.
Saci swimming pool pumps evolve for greater energy efficiency
In the near future, engine performance and consumption requirements in Europe will no longer be achievable by traditional asynchronous motors and will require new technology that provides the power needed with much lower power consumption.
Some of the many Pool and Spa novelties discovered at SPATEX 2019
Here are some of the many Pool and Spa novelties that visitors have discovered at SPATEX 2019 from Tuesday 29th to Thursday 31st January at Coventry's Ricoh Arena. This information is provided by the organisers of SPATEX.
TRIKLORAME, for the measurement of trichloramine in the air of public and collective swimming pools
SYCLOPE Electronique has made a name for itself over the last 30 years by making analysis and control equipment for water treatment. In collaboration with the INRS (French Research and Safety Institute), this manufacturer developed the VALISE TRIKLORAME about ten years ago, a tool for...
Exclusive systems of swimming pool construction
The well-known world company produces and develops pool construction techniques. As a specialized manufacturer, RPI deliverers a robust, customized and fast installation solution for swimming pools. The firm relies on the research and development of swimming pool solutions, in addition to a...
The all-in-one solution for filtration
Fresh out of the ACIS factory in Saint Philbert de Grand Lieu (44), the new filter wall, flush with the wall of the pool, offers an all-in-one filtration system. This economical solution from the Weltico range is easy to set up. The comprehensive mounted unit includes a technical room at the rear...
Energy savings with variable speed
The Super Pump® VSTD offers all the advantages of variable-speed pumps, i.e. quieter operation because it runs more slowly during filtration, up to 85%* of savings on electricity consumption and increased efficiency with continuous operation.
Economical transport and quick assembly of pool enclosures: a new concept
ALUKOV presents its new concept of pool enclosures delivery. SMART DELIVERY PROGRAM is a smart delivery system allowing economical transportation and quick installation of the pool or spa enclosure at the customer. This concept covers the Champion, Azure Flat and Orlando (spa enclosure) enclosures...
New Lumi pool solar slats
Oase automatic pool covers announces a new profile of 66,7mm width that is transparent but also has a tri-extrusion layer. This new slat is solar UV resistant thanks to an additional layer of UV protection. It also has a special way to keep light from the hinge to prevent algae (patent pending).
The importance of regular water testing
Swimming being considered to boost health and wellbeing, it is natural that the protection of swimmers is the number one priority for pool owners. Therefore, treatment of pool water must be carefully monitored to ensure that swimmers are not exposed to unnecessary risks. However, pool monitoring...
M 600, the brand new Dolphin robot for cleaning that's even easier
Newly created for optimum cleaning performance, convenient handling and simple operation that does not require any intervention, the brand new Dolphin M600 pool cleaner makes swimming pool maintenance extremely easy with minimal effort and strain.
Performance and savings for Calorex heat pumps and dehumidifiers
CALOREX, one of the UK's leading manufacturers of heat pumps and dehumidifiers, presents a wide and varied range from heating, cooling, dehumidification and pool environment control.  Specialising in Air/Water source heat pumps, the manufacturer offers models that will control the temperature of...
Smart automatic cover (un)locking system
Autofix® 2.0 is the fully automatic locking and unlocking system created and patented by APF, for securing swimming pool covers. In compliance with standard NF P90-308 (December 2013), this innovative system, which was an award-winner at the Piscine Global 2014 Exhibition, enables completely...
The futuristic IKON spa pool inspired by modern architecture
The launch of Vortex Spas futuristic IKON design is set to seriously challenge the preconceptions of the spa pool as a plastic square box. From the outset, the spa’s designer New Zealand born Alain Brideson was determined to come up with something “undeniably beautiful”. “It is inspired by...
PoolLab® 1.0: A new photometer available for pool-owners
The time when photometers were reserved for professionals because of their cost seems to be over. A photometer was launched that everyone can afford. The new PoolLab 1.0 photometer by Water-i.d/Pool-i.d is easy to use and gives accurate results of 11 pool water parameters. Chlorine, pH,...