Products and equipment

First Aquagem's Inverter Pool Filter Pump
With InverSilence Technology, XFlow is the first Aquagem's Inverter pool pump. Launched into the market by end of 2019, this pool filter pump is equipped with a soft start and ramps up to 100% capacity smoothly. It also ensures a super quiet running and high performances to filter the pool. 
Hayward Tristar® Variable Speed Pump
By adapting the filtration speed to the actual needs of the pool, the variable speed pump can save up to 85%* in electricity! This is the case with the TriStar® VSTD pump, which is fitted with a permanent magnet motor. Water is constantly filtered 24/7, but at a slower speed. This has another...
Complete remote pool control with Hayward
The AquaRite®+ next-gen box offers smart management of swimming pool equipment and water treatment through a salt chlorinator. It combines a remote equipment control box and a salt chlorinator fitted with a T-Cell. 
Vibes: the new range of spas from USSPA
USSPA, one of the most reputed manufacturers in Europe, is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year and is launching a new range of spas. The VIBES series is a top product in the mid-range spa segment, with 4 different models to suit all requirements. Complete sets of POS materials are...
The 3 new lines of BWT electric pool cleaners
Following its takeover of AQUATRON, a global manufacturer of pool cleaners, BWT has launched several lines of electric cleaners. Exclusively sold by swimming pool professionals, these 3 new lines are aimed at all pool owners. The B line for small pools, the D line for online sales and the P line...
Jet Swim of Pahlén, exclusive and powerful counter-current units
The Swedish pool equipment specialist Pahlén has developed Jet Swim Motion, a counter current unit providing a very natural swimming technique. Jet Swim Motion is made of acid-proof stainless steel AISI 316L and has a completely new flow technique with two oval nozzles, of which the lower is...
Hayward next-gen pool heat pumps
Hayward next-gen heat pumps include Full Inverter technology. In fact, the EnergyLine Pro i combines a Mitsubishi CPS inverter compressor and a DC inverter fan. 
New  Pool and spa spare part catalogue of SCP
The SCP 2020 spare part catalogue is here! This new edition comes in two different formats with an 821-page paper version or the more practical online PDF version featuring a 1300-page flip book. It contains swimming pool consumables, white parts, balneotherapy equipment, filtration, automatic...
The TradeGrade pool product line is getting bigger
Pentair has announced the launch of 3 new product lines in the Tradegrade range for swimming pool professionals. The MicroBrite Colour spotlight, the UltraTemp HX pool Heat Pump and the Prowler 917, 920, 930 pool cleaners integrate the TradeGrade family products and and allow professionals to...
The pool becomes smart with iQnnect
Controlling all pool technology components via a single app? That what Peraqua offers with the iQnnect pool technology package and the Loxone Smart Home app, for an ever-smarter pool… The offer: usability, security, cleanliness and sustainability.
The new LumiPlus Flexi range, a universal LED solution for all pools
To enable pool LED lighting, customized to the pool color, and which adapts to all coatings, renovation or construction, AstralPool offers the new range LumiPlus Flexi, a universal LEDS solution.
Stainless steel pool equipment of Pahlén
The Swedish manufacturer offers a luxury collection of acid proof stainless steel components for swimming pools. The range of stainless steel products is both available in Classic or Marine design.
New Smart Plus Inverter swimming pool heat pumps with vertical ventilation
Peraqua's new range of Smart Inverter pool heat pumps includes Smart Plus models with vertical ventilation, using Inverter technology to heat the pool. Variable speed compressor, lower sound pressures, energy savings, Boost mode  and WIFI connexion are some of their main characteristics. 
AFNOR-certified Espiroflex hoses
While Espiroflex is the first company in the hosing sector to be NF-certified for its Hidrotubo® and Hidrotubo® Plus products, it has no intention of stopping just yet! Its goal is to obtain the famous Afnor certification for its other hoses used for swimming pools. To be continued!
New touch screen for Polytropic pool heat pumps
A new optional touchscreen for the 2020 season has been added to Polytropic’s high-performance range of MASTER-INVERTER Full Inverter R32 heat pumps (models L, L+, M, XM, XXS, XS, S and S+). These heat pumps offer intuitive navigation and clear running on their new screen with an IPS panel...