Products and equipment

The powerful counter current swimming machine EVAstream
Swimming as if you were in a 25-metre pool from the comfort of your own home, in the intimacy of your own pool, is possible. The goal of EVAstream is to create a high-speed flow rate. Thanks to this innovative approach, the current is stronger and goes further.
Zenit 60: a pool cleaner exclusively distributed by SCP
The Zenit 60 pool cleaner is part of the exclusive SCP range of electric cleaners from Maytronics. Maximum performance, thanks to the PowerStream system, combined with its DynamicTM dual drive motor with multidirectional water outlet, 24-hour connectivity...
Innovative Premium Pool Equipment from Pahlén
Pahlén AB is a true manufacturer of high quality product for the professional pool industry, supplying both the residential as well as the public market. Their main offer: pool heat exchangers, pool electric heaters, stainless steel pool equipment, Jet Swim and Jet Massage, Bronze pumps... 
Eco Star+ Full Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump
Cubic Electrical Appliance’s range of swimming pool heat pumps includes their “inver-CORE” Inverter technology. Eco Star+ heat pump series also has an intelligent wifi function as an option to operate and control it remotely on a smartphone. 
The turbine driven HydroStar counter-current system from BINDER for unlimited swimming fun
Spring is approaching and with it the new pool season. Now many swimming pools are being prepared or built. The turbine driven HydroStar counter-current system from BINDER is the perfect addition, because it offers unlimited swimming fun.
Filtrinov all-in-one filtering wall
The GS14 filtering wall is one of FILTRINOV’s best-sellers. Perfect for building swimming pools out of polystyrene blocks, breeze blocks or shuttered concrete blocks, this filtering wall fits seamlessly into these builds as a solid part of the structure. It is recommended for swimming pools up...
New generation swimming pool salt chlorinator with Bluetooth connection
In Hayward's catalog, pool specialists can find the new generation salt chlorinator Salt & Swim 2.0 + integrating Bluetooth connexion. This pool chlorine producer allows to control the disinfection, the filtration pump and the led lighting from an intuitive app on smartphone. 
Cubic iQ Swimming Pool Heat Pumps with attractive design
Cube series of swimming pool heat pumps from Cubic Electrical Appliance are easy to install. This Plug & Play product is placed on the same circuit as the pool filtration. iQ series comes with a fun mini monster design to makes the pool a enjoyable place for children.
EasyStar: current that gets you fit
The turbine driven EasyStar counter-current system additionally intensifies the training impact with its powerful current. It is easy and quick to retrofit the system into any pool.
The PROFLEX swimming pool liner by Haogenplast, an exclusive SCP product
The PROFLEX swimming pool liner by Haogenplast is an exclusive SCP product. Haogenplast is renowned for both unsurpassed quality and a wide range of advanced features.
EasyStar turns small pools into a big hit
The EasyStar turbine driven counter-current system by BINDER turns even the smallest pools into a spa bath. Not only does the forceful current make intensive endurance swimming possible, it also enables wellness and health exercises. It is simple to install and it will be handled in just a few...
ITS Europe looks to a green future by cutting down on plastic packaging
ITS Europe recently unveiled a new line of eco-friendly packets. These “pocket packets” use no plastic and opt instead for paper that is light and recyclable.
SCP UK : AquaX heat pump with TurboSilence - Additional 20 % heat for free!
An exclusive and revolutionary proposal that combines the power of the Inverturbo (Fairland patented) and its silence. The new InverTurbo technology is the optimized result based on the Full Inverter technology
The new generation of Dryden Aqua's Activated Filter Media : AFM®ng!
Dryden Aqua's AFM® (Activated Filter Media) has been known for years as the best filter media on the market. Now we come to the new generation: AFM®ng!  
SPECK Pumpen presents two innovations
Last autumn, SPECK Pumpen presented new developments in their product range as well as in other areas. The pump manufacturer’s communication concept is also innovative as well as unique within the sector.