Products and equipment
Coatings and covers made with quality and speed
Since 2005, LINOV is considered from the professional pool market perspective, one of the main suppliers of coatings, covers, and equipment for swimming pools. Its products have the ability to adapt to any requirement, regardless of the structure, size, or complexity of the demand.
Advantages of the electropolished pool ladders
Electropolishing is a surface treatment by which the metal polishing acts as an anode in an electrolytic cell, dissolving. The mayor advantage of stainless steel is that, as a metal iron is readily dissolved, the contents of Chromium and Nickel at the surface increases, thus increasing corrosion...
Ultralight aquatic treadmill in alu tech
Waterflex, a brand of Poolstar group,  is specialized in aquatic fitness equipment providing attractive products. One of its latest is the AQUAJOGG AIR, one of the first treadmills in aluminium. Ultralight and still very stable it is designed to combine  an effective yet soft work-out  for...
Exclusive distribution in UK
In 2019, HeatPumps4Pools will be the exclusive UK trade distributor for the new Hot Splash and SunSpring ranges of plug and play heat pumps for above ground swimming pools.
Shining a light on underwater lighting
Light Projects and Wibre are showcasing the latest advents in underwater lighting. Wibre’s new Centum°° range comprises built-in and surface mounted underwater spotlights which use the latest technology to offer industry-leading light outputs at 166 lumens per watt.
A new pool robot connected to its user
New electric Vortex RV 5480iQ is a web connected pool cleaner with an app control system. All the settings can be adjusted and checked not only directly at the control box but also by means of a convenient app for smartphone or tablet.
The Peraqua Pool Control system of the future
Specialist in swimming pool and water treatment technologies, Peraqua has built an all-around pool control package and will present this in the upcoming series "Many high quality components - one smart control system". The core of its fully automatic pool control system is the Loxone Aquastar Air...
New davey’s low salt pool sanitiser
EcoSalt®2 is ideal for pool sanitisation. This version from Davey which is commercialized by SCP Europe is simpler and more economical, with a function limiting the production of chlorinated salt when pool cover is used.
The dolphin commercial pool cleaner’s performance
The professional cleaning performance is within reach with the PRO X7 from Maytronics. This commercial pool cleaner is easy-to-use to efficiently clean any mid-sized commercial pool, regardless of shape or type, and also provides a single-robot solution for multiple pools.
An international success confirmed
The Naturalis brand commercialized it’s semi-grounding pool all over the European market, throughout various partners and partnerships. This RP Industries brand was born in Braga, Portugal, in 2008. Inspired by the DIY concept, Naturalis gained expression and fans all over Europe, especially...
The Dolphin Wave 150 robot is up to all the challenges of cleaning collective pools
In 2019, Maytronics markets a new robot for the cleaning of collective pools, the Wave 150, an intermediate model between the well-known Dolphin Wave 100 and Wave 200. Ever more demanding in terms of cleaning performance and reliability, Maytronics further increases the collection and filtration...
Combs for pool and spa filter  suitable for European standards
The Aqua Comb pic-comb for spa filter provides a powerful 7.2 cm wide spray allowing opening the filter pleats and gently removing the debris that has built up in the back of the filter.
New design for better performance  of the volumetric pool filter
The Volumetric Filter has been engineered by Emaux to provide a high clarity of filtered water and a high pressure standard among the market benchmarks. Its one-piece blow molded tank combining the technology of structural engineered high-density polyethylene material manufactured to maximize the...
Spamar, the new range of treatment products for the spa
Like a new line of cosmetics for the body, SPAMAR, the new range of treatment products for spas, comes wrapped in an elegant packaging. These products, developed specially to treat complex spa water, help maintain the stability of the essential parameters indispensable for maintaining clean, safe...
Crocodile Rock makes a foray into the private pool sector
After more than 30 years of specialising in cleaning robots for collective pools, Hexagone has decided to enter the market for private and semi-collective pools.  Selected for cleaning for several international aquatic sports events, such as the London Olympic Games, those of Rio, the World...