tintometer_jubel_woelkReal innovation brings about permanent improvements in the market. This is why Europe's largest-circulation pool & spa magazine "Schwimmbad & Sauna" (www.schwimmbad.de), an organisation with more than 40 years of tradition, awards a prize every two years for the most forward-looking developments in the pool and wellness field. They call their award the "Golden Wave".

The practical use of outstanding products is a main criterion for the judges – and this is ensured by the make-up of the jury, whose members are all renowned and experienced specialist swimming pool manufacturers. This year there were nearly 110 products in the competition.

The magazine awards a "Golden Wave" in each of eight separate categories, as well as two special honours. This year the "Golden Wave" in the water treatment & chemicals category was awarded to Tintometer GmbH in Dortmund (
www.lovibond.com) for the "Scuba II".

The key to this innovation : "Scuba II" makes it possible to carry out control measurements of pool water, immediately and accurately. Immersing the unit causes the integrated measurement chamber to fill with water. A reagent tablet is added and this generates a characteristic colour which is measured using the photometric principle and displayed as a figure on the screen. Five different parameters can be measured in less than 10 minutes.