The EUSA (EUROPEAN UNION OF SWIMMING-POOL AND SPA ASSOCIATIONS) held its meeting on 8th and 9th October in Brussels for closer proximity to European organizations. (Editor's note: We will bring you the report in an upcoming newsletter and on

This meeting was an opportunity to take stock of the progress of European standardization projects with, in particular, the move to formally vote on pool structure standards with the objective of publishing them in September 2015.


The purpose of the WG2* meetings was to complete the review of the observations on the norms on filtration, water supply networks and water treatment.

The EUSA members were also able to discuss the official commencement of work on the standardization of home spas with the creation of the WG4*, confirmed at the TC 402 meeting in London last September.

The EUSA took the opportunity offered by this Tribune to once again thank Chris HAYES, Managing Director of the BSPF (The British Swimming Pool Federation) who has worked tirelessly within the EUSA for the success of this project.

The task of creating the necessary conditions for monitoring and impact at European level
The EUSA will be receiving the representatives of the Euro Chlor association to discuss the European directives concerning water treatment products.

A European lobbying firm will present a project, as wished, so that the EUSA, already very active in questions of European standardization and the exchange of good practice between federations, enters an active phase on monitoring and lobbying with regard to EU regulations.

After having formally welcomed the BSPA (Belgian Swimming Pool Association) to the EUSA at the meeting in February 2014, the EUSA also invited the Czech Federation to this meeting and is now awaiting their response.

"The days when it was enough to influence decisions at the national level are over. Many decisions are now taken directly in Brussels, and European regulations that are directly applicable in countries are progressively replacing European directives that were translated into national law. It is therefore the right place to be to influence the destiny of our industry. Risk aversion and insularity are not traits that drive progress. We have to involve ourselves in the advancement of our industry at the European level" said EUSA President Philippe BACH.

European Awards

The second edition of the European Awards will be held at the Piscine Global exhibition in LYON on 20th November 2014 at 4 p.m. in front of the FPP.  There are 5 competition categories organised this year: outdoor family pools, indoor family pools, spas, hot tubs, and above-ground pools.
The EUSA has received more than 80 entries from its various member countries.
The announcement of the results is expected on 20th November!

The EUSA's active participation at "Pool Summit" to present the European market

The EUSA is collecting all the key data on domestic markets and their members in order to aggregate the results and obtain a European perspective of the pool and spa market. The EUSA will present these figures at the "Pool Summit" with some of its members who will be presenting their national results.

* WG2: Working Group of European standardization in the treatment of pool water (filtration, runoff, water treatment).
** WG4: Working Group of European standardization on domestic class spas.