Sharon Goldenberg

Sharon Goldenberg
VP Sales & Marketing
at Maytronics Israel



Last month Michele Ravizza of visited the new Maytronics factory in Dalton. Here below an Interview with Sharon Goldenberg and Juri Katz.


Michele Ravizza: How do you judge this investment after few months form the inauguration?

Sharon Goldenberg: "The new Maytronic facility is running very well. The company achieved to increase its production capacity respecting its main values: providing high quality products, impeccable service and establishing strong human relationship with its clients, employees and providers."


maytronics factory Dalton

Additional Manufacturing Facility in Dalton


Why did you choose Dalton as the site for your new production facility?

SG: "The area was chosen due to the excellent conditions provided by Israeli Government combined with Maytronics social perspective of providing jobs and a future for the local young population."


Will you keep on investing in this region?

SG: "This depends on the development of Maytronics; we are looking to this area with a lot of interest."



maytronics Team Dalton

The team of Maytronics in Dalton

How do you judge the global pool market in 2016?


Juri Katz

Juri Katz
Business Director
at Maytronics Israel


Juri Katz: "In 2016 we saw a growth in sales in Europe and South America, nevertheless the weakness of EUR vs USD has slightly affected our results.
In general, our product strategy is working well, and it is being implemented successfully by our Branches as well as by our Distributors."
Which perspectives for 2017?

JK: "We see a positive trend in Europe: we are increasing volumes in France as well as in countries that were facing a deep depression for the last years, like Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece.
Furthermore the US, South America (excluding Brazil) and Australia are growing markets.
Asia is a bit more complicated market, that needs special attention but has a great potential growth."