An international success

ACIS generates more than 20% of its business from exports. Its products are made in France and have enjoyed great success in around fifty countries throughout the world. From 20 to 23  March, the company was in Egypt to exhibit its products at the POOL SPA and LANDSCAPE Expo in Cairo.

The Weltico range

It presented some innovative products from its Weltico filtration range, such as:

  • Its saddle unit and filtering wall, which provide filtration and lighting that are built into the wall of the pool. These cartridge filtration products are easy to use and have already been well received.
  • The Skimfilter range: these products combine a skimmer with a cartridge filter, proving rather thrifty in the water
  • Pool fittings, such as the wide-mouthed A800 Design skimmer
  • Weltico lighting products
  • Vipool filtration pumps: Vipool filtration pumps, which typically come with a resin motor and are resistant to high temperatures (65°C at ambient temperature). They are popular abroad, especially in hot countries. The PHT pump, for example, has been specially designed for use underground or somewhere exposed to heat