After a 4-year hiatus, the key players from the sector have been eagerly awaiting the chance to gather in person at this year's event in Lyon. 

Florence Rousson-Mompo : "We're greatly looking forward to welcoming pool professionals to the convention - a key forum for doing business, presenting innovations and enjoying some quality time with our peers!  Piscine Global Europe is consolidating its position as the key gathering for the sector. 

The passion and enthusiasm on display in the build-up to the event have been incredible. While the world has certainly changed over the past 4 years, it's interesting to observe that this convention is set to match the excitement of the 2018 event, while also boasting a vast number of innovations, higher attendance and an expanded exhibition space. We must also emphasise that the profession itself has fully embraced the event, which is cause for celebration and an undeniable asset for its success; I'd like to thank the FPP (The French Federation of Pool and Spa Professionals) for the collaboration we have built and the confidence they've shown in us. 

In addition, the current context has led us to implement several improvements for the environment and society, such as calling in associations to gather and re-use excess catering supplies, or shutting off the heating one hour before the end of the convention. While these actions are in their infancy and not yet perfected, they represent the early steps in a genuine commitment". 

So, let's all meet in Lyon for the unmissable event Piscine Global Europe 2022.,to,lyon,unmissable,event,piscine,global,europe,2022.htm