Piping systems have a fundamental role in the installation of embedded pool systems. In addition to ensuring constant flow of sanitised water, they must be able to withstand extremely demanding conditions for long periods of time. For this reason, FITT has, over the years, produced solutions capable of resolving critical installation issues, facilitating laying and avoiding extraordinary maintenance cause by breaks or faults in the piping systems.

Hoses and pipes by FITT for the needs of the designers, installers and users of private pools

After FITT Idroflex, the first hose for the supply and suction systems of embedded pools launched in the mid 1990s, in the early 2000s FITT developed FITT Barrierflex, which thanks to the Spiral Protection Barrier patent guarantees greater mechanical resistance. 

A few years later, FITT Barrierflex became FITT Barrier CDS and featured a second patent: Chlorine Defence System, an internal film that also gives the hose chemical resistance, and therefore greater protection against chlorine. 

FITT's research and development activities never stop. 2017 was the year of FITT B-Active Flex, in which the Chlorine Defence System and the Spiral Protection Barrier patents were joined by the D-Shape patent: a D-shaped rigid PVC spiral that makes it extremely resistant to crushing. 

In 2019, the hoses are joined by FITT B-Active Rigid, the PVC-A rigid pipe with a 3-layer structure, made with Shock Wave technology, resistant to impacts and low temperatures, impervious to corrosion and impermeable to soil pollutants.

In 2020, FITT B-Active Flex was further improved with the introduction of the EVO TECH technology, capable of increasing mechanical stress and cracking resistance.

The FITT evolution

The FITT evolution

The evolution of pool hoses continues: at Aquanale 2023 the latest FITT novelty will be presented, born from the company's eco-design guidelines - performance, circularity and reduction. It is FITT Revix, the first responsible hose in the sector. 

A single company capable of offering both hoses and pipes, FITT continues to invest in the research and development of innovative, technologically advanced and sustainable solutions capable of meeting the needs of the designers, installers and users of private pools.