* Installing the Roll-Energy is quick and simple (1 day), and does not require any major structural work, a motor housing or cutting into the sides. Only the two plates that hold the pole are fixed to the wall. The fully watertight motor is an integral part of the pole that rolls and unrolls the slats.

* The Roll-Energy is an ideal piece of safety equipment for existing pools or those still under construction, from 3 x 5 m up to 7 x 15 m.

* The Roll-Energy is suitable for traditional solid pools, panel-type constructions and moulded pools with a concrete support for holding the plates.

* The design of the tube motor allows the cover to be rolled in or out very rapidly, at 5 revolutions a minute. The 250 Nm, 24 volt electric motor guarantees high-performance operation over the long term.
* The new switchgear cabinet developed specially for the Roll-Energy is equipped with a digital screen, so that the end of the run can be set and stored after a single operation.

2-year guarantee. Suitable for use all year round.

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