Specializing in the manufacture and marketing of reconstituted natural paving stones, Fabistone develops and manufactures several collections of paving stones, pool edge paving and walls that combine design and comfort. The company now introduces its new pool border, Minus, for creating any type of free-form pool, with or without steps.




margelle Minus



Fabistone - Granitus Minus



This easy-to-install paving means that one can keep them in stock as they can be adapted to any project.


The Fabistone offers products that are extremely beautiful, ranging from rustic to modern, with which one can create a variety of elegant decors, and which have been the choice of leading names in design and architecture. Characterized by their strength and durability, these products also have the advantage of costing less than natural stone.


Fabistone’s high production capacity and efficiency in processing the orders it receives, is backed by the company’s modern manufacturing unit and a fully automated production line. It exports its products to Spain, France , Italy, Belgium, Angola, Cape Verde, Morocco, Tahiti, Kuwait, Egypt, Bahrain and Dubai.