pompe piscine econ de stenner pumps

The Econ LD, Econ FX and Econ VX pumps are the latest additions to the STENNER product line.


Stenner manufactures the Econ pumps for light duty applications with a small footprint and with the new patented quick release pump head that makes tube replacement effortless.

The Econ LD was specifically designed for precise dosing at a low volume with a 50:1 turndown ratio. The LD is a variable speed peristaltic pump ideal for injecting flocculants into pools as a filter aid. The brushless motor is totally enclosed for long life at an economical price.

The Econ FX and VX are versatile for swimming pools but also food and beverage, irrigation and horticulture and more. The FX has a fixed speed. The VX variable speed pump features an adjustable potentiometer with an 8:1 turndown ratio. Each pump offers six models for selection.