Pool Technologie launches e-Pool, the mobile application that connects you to your pool! With your smartphone or your tablet, your pool is under control: you see the water parameters in real time.


It gives you plenty of tips to optimise your water treatment unit.


There's no need to go all the way to the machine room: with e-Pool, you can remotely operate your chlorinator.


You can also change the parameters of your pool from the comfort of your home:

• Change the set-point for chlorine production
• Change the pH set-point
• Activate or deactivate the BOOST function
• Adjust the pH probe, temperature probe and salt

A problem?

e-Pool indicates any error so you can take timely action: either service the device yourself or let a professional take over for remote intervention.


For professionals, e-Pool means optimising interventions:

• Access to advanced controls    
• Access to the history log of the settings
• A database on the server    
• Management of existing pools