Water World Solution has launched an ingenious patented system for the treatment of pool water using the principle of electrolysis, but without the presence of salt in the pool. 


Using low-voltage electrolysis on a series of electrodes, CHLOR’IN produces chlorine gas (chlorine dioxide) directly on the pipeline of the water to be treated.


The chemical process takes place in a salt-filled reservoir (approx. 35 kg poured into a storage cylinder) connected to the pipe.  The salt releases chlorine in a gaseous form, acting as a powerful disinfectant, and migrates into the pipeline of the water to be treated.


Schéma d'intallation Sysème CHLOR'IN


The pool is thus disinfected without the addition of chemicals, nor salt in the water, regardless of the time of year!


The action of the treatment with chlorinated gas has a permanent bactericidal, germicidal and algicidal effect on the installation, and does not require additional metering pumps.


In fact, CHLOR’IN not only produces several disinfectants such as chlorine dioxide, hypochloric acid (active chlorine) but also oxygen and hydrogen (hydrogen peroxide). 


Boitier CHLOR'INAs there is no direct contact with salt in the pool, the difficulties associated with the corrosion of equipment are also eliminated.

Another advantage: no more storage or transport of dangerous chemicals, chlorine drums, biocide cans...

The CHLOR’IN system is driven from a control unit that integrates the most advanced technologies, including reliable, scalable and unique software.


For ease of operation, important information and diagnostics are displayed clearly on the LCD screen.

This system, distruted by AELLO, can be installed on any type of piping, even those with high flow rates, and can be applied for all water treatments in general: holding tanks, boiler water, cooling circuits and industrial water.


Manufacturing : WWS - contact@wwwseurope.com / www.water-world-solution.com


Distribution : AELLO - info@aello-piscine.fr / www.aello-piscine.fr


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