MSPA, an industry leader of portable and inflatable whirlpool spa

MSPA is an industry leader of portable and inflatable whirlpool spa, offering wide models of spa. The brand's mission: "To join expertise and advanced technology to promote comfortable, portable and affordable spa experience in order to create a healthy living plan and experience some peace and quiet."

MONO spa of the new concept series

Its new concept series of inflatable hot tub combines stylish design and high-performance system. The metallic stripes on the iron grey textured exterior wall makes the MONO stand out from others. The spa is made with double wall fabric (DWF) drop stitch technology (high pressure drop stitch fabric) which is also antibacterial.

The ALL-IN-ONE external control box

The new hot tub features ALL-IN-ONE external control box. This latter offers a user-friendly experience in a contemporary spa. Its easy-to-install and enlarged screen with slightly tilted design angle makes users easier to monitor the hot tub. Mono with two sizes tubs choice, can welcome 4 or 6 persons, with 118 or 138 Air Jets Massage. 

ALL-IN-ONE external control box MSPA

The ALL-IN-ONE external control box

The other features

The elegant inflatable spa includes ELITE Jet and Bubble spa, offering two combination hydrotherapies. They combine whirlpool's targeted deep hydro-massage with the soothing caress of air bubble spa experience. To these jets is added the MSPA Air Bubble Spa which delivers thousands of bubbles that thoroughly support and massage the body for an invigorating spa experience. 

This new model has been developed to provide an experience of luxury inflatable hot tubs with an affordable price.