DURA HeatTM heat pumps and DURAVisionTM underwater pool lights 

Heating the pool silently

DURAHeatTM heat pumps are highly efficient and economical as more than 80% of the energy is taken from the ambient air.
Only the best materials, like ABS and Titanium, are used for the heat exchanger making the DURAHeatTM heat pumps corrosion and chlorine resistant.
The low sound rotary or scroll compressor and a two-speed fan make them among the quietest on the market. 

The smartly designed unit also guarantees easy installation.
The integrated microprocessor monitors all sensors and commands the device without requiring any intervention.

All DURAHeatTM heat pumps come with electronic display and controls for easy operation. 

LED spotlights that light efficiently the pool

DURAVisionTM is a full range of smartly designed Pool Light products.
The innovative LED lighting solutions are assembled with high quality components and materials making them very powerful, efficient and economical in use.
All DURAVisionTM products are attuned to each other for easy fittings and installations. 

The brand-new Spectra underwater LED lighting is available in 50, 100 and 170mm outside diameter and in tuneable white and RGB version.
A very wide beam angle and a state-of-the-art lumen/watt value ensures you a brightly illuminated swimming pool without shaded zones.

All Spectra lamps have the same QuickconnectTM connection with 2 meter of detachable cable and are compatible with all their wall conduits or with standard 1 ½" wall conduits.
Face plates are designed for the 3 different outside diameters in order to personalise your pool.
Spectra lamps work at 12VAC, 2 wired and are fully resin filled according to the NoAirTM process - there is no chance water will infiltrate in the lamp.
The use of high-quality polymers makes the Spectra fully compatible with salt electrolysis.

Connected equipment remotely controllable

If you want the best in connectivity and additional dimmable LED lighting, you need the ADAGIO Pro RGB and TW lamps.
They are part of the DURALinkTM connected product range.

Via the LinkDriver PLP-REM(-300) you can operate the ADAGIO Pro RGB and TW lamps.
If you include the LinkTouch into the system, you can operate the ADAGIO Pro RGB or TW lamps, the pool heat pump and the cover - all via our long-range wireless connection.
The LinkTouch combines a sleek design with a clear display and can be wall mounted or portable with a long battery lifetime.

The LinkTouch communicates directly with the Dura V (on/off), Dura Vi (inverter) and Dura PRO (inverter) heat pumps.