Quick and accurate results for pool and spa water testing with Palintest digital photometers

Using the most advanced photometric technology, the brand new Palintest Lumiso photometers enable effective pool and spa management for pool professionals and end users. Regular water testing is essential to maintain water balance and to ensure that disinfection is optimised.

Simplifying pool and spa water testing for all users

The 3 new Lumiso Pooltest instruments are suitable for different test environments. They offer complete portability to perform pool or spa water testing anywhere.

  • Lumiso Pooltest 3 is ideal for monitoring of outdoor pools, testing the three main pool and spa water parameters: chlorine, pH and cyanuric acid.
  • Lumiso Pooltest 4 is ideal for testing spas and indoors pools. Test for alkalinity, bromine, chlorine and pH.
  • Lumiso Pooltest 6, provides service engineers and pool managers with all the required tests for a water balance calculation: chlorine, alkalinity, cyanuric acid, pH and calcium hardness. 

The advantages of Lumiso for a quick and accurate pool and spa water testing

Lumiso uses language-free visual icons on the screen to guide the user through the test. The instruments is operated by two simple buttons to ensure users can access tests quickly and easily.

All the results are logged on the instrument and the user can connect Lumiso to a PC via USB to manage their data.
The Lumiso kit includes convenient storage for all accessories including check standards or spare test tubes. The new and improved lightweight kit includes all the accessories and reagents required for testing. The kit contains a waterproof reagent box which can be refilled with any new reagent. 

Lumiso is available to pre-order now with first shipments in January 2021. 

Discover the new Lumiso Pool photometers in a video: