Innovative, informative and interactive

Last autumn, SPECK Pumpen presented new developments in their product range as well as in other areas. The pump manufacturer's communication concept is also innovative as well as unique within the sector.  

The BADU Eco Flex is a newly developed product

This highly efficient circulation pump features the latest permanent motor technology and was developed as a replacement pump for the BADU Eco Motion. The identical housing construction allows 1:1 direct replacement. The BADU Eco Flex is considerably easier to operate and works in the same way as all other BADU Eco VS pumps from the BADU GREEN range. The output is controlled in % and the speed is controlled in rpm. Further external control options are available, such as analogue, digital (isolated) or RS 485 components.

SPECK Wissenswelle

SPECK can also be accessed through a variety of communication channels. The SPECK Wissenswelle was launched in November. SPECK is striking out in new directions to keep in touch with clients, introducing digital live marketing and Lola. 

SPECK Wissenswelle

Meet Lola, the new presenter

Interactive. Dynamic. And varied.  Users are invited to meet Lola, the new presenter, and the SPECK Experts on SPECK Wissenswelle. The content is the perfect blend of curiosity, expertise and fun. A variety of formats, informative content and, most importantly, discussions of topics relevant to pool construction take centre stage.