Hayward's Expert Line grows with a new generation of Full Inverter vertical heat pumps.

New generation of vertical heat pumps in the Hayward's Expert Line range

The SumHeat Fi heat pump range suitable for all installation configurations

Among the most powerful on the market, the SumHeat Fi heat pump range is suitable for all installation configurations, both for new construction and renovation. Side suction for better efficiency and cold air discharge from the top, preserving comfort, including sound, in the surrounding area.

In silent mode, the heat pump at idle even becomes very quiet.The Full Inverter technology offers the combination of a Mitsubishi / Panasonic CPS inverter compressor and a DC inverter fan. Designed to operate at temperatures as low as -15°C, this heat pump modulates its power according to climatic constraints and the real needs of the pool. It thus provides its owner with energy savings of up to 30% in regulation mode. The user also gains in performance thanks to the R32 fluid used. Its auto-adaptive defrosting system optimises defrosting cycles to protect the heat pump.

Manage the heat pump parameters on the dedicated mobile application

For monitoring information, the user benefits from a wide real-time control screen, offering an intuitive interface and, for the professional, access to the diagnostic tool. The wifi module, included, allows the user to control and manage the heat pump parameters on the dedicated mobile application: temperature, operating range, operating mode. An optional remote control kit is also available.