In its Expert Line range of variable-speed pumps, Hayward offers the silent 1.5 hp K-Flo VSTD model, recommended for mid-size pools (up to 80 m3).

The ideal filtration speed for every need 

Expert Line range of variable-speed pumps

Three programmable speeds (easy rpm adjustment in manual mode), suitable for different needs: low speed for everyday use, high speed to treat green water or for robot operation, and a quick speed for maintenance (filter cleaning, pool draining, etc.). The Smart Inverter technology and its permanent magnet motor provides energy savings of up to 85% (at slow speed - observed average savings of 65%). 

Its 180° rotational screen offers practical access to the menu and a transparent pre-filter cover with ¼-turn opening facilitates maintenance. For greater convenience, users can also command the filtration pump via their smartphone with the AquaRite® + unit. The mechanical pump seals are made of AISI 316 stainless steel and are therefore compatible with saltwater pools. The pump body is made of glass-fibre-reinforced polypropylene, and the turbine consists of Noryl® and glass-fibre.  

A Smart Retrofit kit is available to facilitate the replacement of old pumps with a K-Flo VSTD. 50 and 63 mm diameter union connectors are supplied for installation. 

The K-Flo VSTD is guaranteed for 3 years + 1-year Totally Hayward extended warranty.