Thanks to regular investment in Research and Development, Pool Technologie offers a range at the cutting edge of technology, eco-friendly and sustainable.

Evolution of the reactor for even more efficiency and ease of use

Eager to provide an even more ecofriendly solution, the company continues to develop its Hybride UV/Ultra Low Salt® range in 2021. These two technologies - sterilisation by UV rays and ULS® salt electrolysis - were destined to come together. Eager to provide an even more eco-friendly solution, the company continues to develop its range.  

This equipment consists of an electronic cabinet and a one-piece UV reactor which contains an Ultra Low Salt® electrode to ensure persistence by salt electrolysis and a UV lamp to disinfect water by UV. The rays eliminate bacteria, fungi and viruses, while penetrating to the heart of the cells of microorganisms. Ultra Low Salt® technology requires a quantity of 0.5 g/l of salt to ensure the persistence of water disinfection, ie 7 to 10 times less than standard electrolysis. Thanks to the continuous current that travels through the electrodes and the chemical reactions that take place, the water remains both disinfected and disinfecting. The requirements of eco-friendly disinfection are respected: minimise the quantity of salt present in the pool and produce the strict minimum of chlorine necessary for the persistence of disinfection.

For the 2023 season, the manufacturer has redesigned the central organ of the device: its reactor. Numerous mechanical innovations have been provided to create an even more effective, easy-to-use solution.