BWT presents BWT Manager Connect, a regulating system consisting of peristaltic pumps, which comes in a simple version to measure pH, or the Duo to measure pH and Redox.

Two versions :  simple to mesure pH, Duo to mesure pH and Redox

Users can easily follow the measured values in real time on the large digital screen that is accessible in several languages, but also remotely from a smartphone via the BWT Home application. When installing the pre-wired device, all connections are made from the exterior on quick watertight connectors. Wall mounting is easy thanks to the mounting plate and screws provided.

The measurement ranges are respectively from 0 to 14 for pH (precision +/-0.02), and from 0 to 99 mV (precision +/- 3mV) for Redox. The probes are included (pH, Redox, and both probes plus the temperature probe for the DUO), as well as a calibration solution.

The device triggers overdosing alarms and blocks the injection of products if set points are exceeded or if a problem is detected with the probe or water flow. To ensure a regular flow of product injection, the thrust bearings of dosing pumps consist of 3 rollers.