The Dutch designer and manufacturer of high-quality swimming pool equipment offers lighting and counter-current swimming solutions. Concerned about offering sustainable and efficient systems from an energy point of view, the company remains focused on innovation, with the sole objective of meeting user expectations.

Swimming against the current for all swimming pools and all levels

This is how EVA Optic has developed EVAstream, a compact but very powerful swimming system against the current, transforming even the smallest pools into training pools. EVAstream offers a complete swimming program against the current, for all ages and levels:

  • Sprint training (18 mn),
  • Short interval training (24 mn),
  • Long interval training (37 mn),
  • and Endurance training (48 mn).

Each member of the family can select their program on a tablet, set up their session and even adjust the RGBW underwater lighting in the pool. Depending on the training chosen, the work will have a different impact, aimed at physical fitness, muscular strength, speed for cardio and endurance. During the session, the user can easily adjust the speed and intensity of effort, thanks to the Piezo3 control system.

EVAstream is available in 3 models: Fit, Pro and Max, which can be installed recessed in the basin, or surface-mounted installed. Regardless of the model selected, this system can be used for a swim workout, but also for rehabilitation, gentle therapeutic exercises, or for practicing aqua aerobics and aqua jogging. The benefits of such practices are well established, both for the heart, lungs, muscle strength, endurance, or even to reduce stress, increase energy and improve the quality of sleep.

EVAstream swimming system against the current for swimming pool by EVA OPTIC

EVAstream swimming system against the current for swimming pool