With e-Pool® Connect, Pool Technologie has aimed to develop a full range that meets a twofold need: the reduction of pool maintenance time and the optimisation of equipment management in order to cut down on energy consumption and water treatment costs.

A set of modular solutions for remote pool equipment management

This range offers a set of modular solutions that enable remote pool equipment management. The e-Pool® Connect and e-Pool® Connect VS kits make the technical room entirely connected. They consist of two modules. A connected clock installed directly in place of the filtration timer manages all pool equipment. This module controls filtration, water treatment and two auxiliaries (heat pump, lighting, robot, etc.).

Equipped with the IPX exchange protocol, all Pool Technologie devices equipped with Bluetooth benefit from wireless communication with the control module in the technical room. A relay antenna located in the house and linked to the domestic Wi-Fi network enables communication with the user via the My Indygo application or the www.myindygo.com web platform. This enables the user to remotely visualise all pool parameters and to configure set points and time slots to run the equipment according to need. A smarter and more efficient pool to save energy. Users can also view the history of measurements, alarms and events. The e-Pool® Connect VS model is specifically adapted for pools equipped with a variable-speed pump.

The e-Pool® Connect range has grown by incorporating other analysis modules: the connected float and analyser measure water quality. Installed in the technical room or floating on the water, they measure various water parameters in real time. With this remote management, Pool Technologie offers professionals a solution to optimise their interventions. Professionals can access their entire pool portfolio equipped with an e-Pool® Connect system via the myindigo.com web platform. This interface consists of dashboards, a virtual maintenance log and a messaging system. Professionals also have access to content related to their equipment under the dedicated «My Pro» tab. Pool installers will soon be able to directly manage their pool portfolio via the application. 

Catalogue 2024 de Pool Technologie

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