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Manchester 2008

The company will install two temporary pools with a total of two million litres of water at the  very popular concert venue : Barcelona, 11 January 2008- AstralPool will install the main pools for the 9th FINA World 25 m Swimming Championships, to be held in Manchester (England) from 9 to 13 April 2008.  The International Swimming Federation is once again trusting in AstralPool as a sponsor and official partner, after the success of the Melbourne World Championships last March.
The Spanish multi-national company will be responsible for converting the Manchester Evening News Arena, into the ideal setting for the World Swimming Championships. 

In order to do this, AstralPool will install two temporary pools which will contain two million litres of water (the 25x25x2 metre competition pool and the 25x15x2 metre warm-up pool).

The setting requires state-of-the-art technology. Skypool technology, which uses independent hot galvanised steel panels will be used. This system, which was developed and certified exclusively by the company, makes it possible to build the pool without a single screw being driven into the arena floor.


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