Counter-current swimming unit Jetvag
Last January, French company ACIS acquired the counter-current unit manufacturing business from CG Promostar (including pumps, parts to seal, frontage and accessories) for the JETVAG brand and some own brand products, as well as the NORYSTAR suppressors.

The whole JETVAG range can be integrated into all types of pools and, with its adjustable air flow, enables you to swim against the current and to enjoy the benefits of a hydrotherapeutic massage as well.

Mikaël LIE & Marc CHIRON
Mikaël LIE and Marc CHIRON from the ACIS company
The company, which already manufactures pumps for pools, filtration plates and VIPOOL filters together with its own complete range of immersion alarms, is hereby consolidating its business of pump manufacturing and aims to develop its own range of counter-current units for next season, with new products being introduced in September 2009.

The marketing strategy will remain the same, which is to distribute via the main wholesalers in the market.