certikin italiaThe company, which will now be known under the name Certikin Italia, will consolidate the leadership of the Spanish multinational as a leader in distribution within the Italian market.

Spanish multinational group Fluidra has acquired 90% of the Italian company Swimming Pool Equipment Italia Srl (SPEI). The Italian firm, which will be known as Certikin Italia after the purchase, was founded in 1990 and is one of the top four Italian companies in the production and distribution of water treatment and swimming pool components and accessories.

SPEI’s headquarters are in Brescia, where it also has a central warehouse with a surface area of 4200 m². The company employs 19 people and has an office in Sicily with 800 m² installations. In 2007 SPEI billed some 7.5 million Euros, which means a growth of around 13% on the same period the year. The firm registered an EBITDA of about 700,000 Euros in 2007.

The acquisition of the company signifies Fluidra's consolidation as a distribution leader in the Italian market, where it was already present with its brand AstralPool. Similarly, as Fluidra’s CEO, Eloi Planes commented, it confirms “the soundness of Certikin’s international project, which already has a strong presence in England, France, Spain and Portugal”.