Max1The pool cleaner MAX 1of AstralPool has received the Excellence In Design (EID) Gold Award 2013 in the category of water treatment products. This award acknowledges excellence in the field of innovation, design and functionality among industrial products for consumers and/or companies.


MAX1 rose to the Top 10 of the best products, along with other companies such as Hewlett-Packard and LG.

The winning designs are selected by an independent group of experts which values aspects such as creativity, easy to use, visual appeal of the environmental footprint. Awards are divided into 10 categories of products that can receive the Gold, Silver or Bronze award.

logo EIDIn terms of design, this can be seen in the clean, stylish lines of this robot, which make it particularly attractive to ensure it is not out of place in any private pool, whatever its decorative style. Beyond its mission to be pleasing to the eye, the design details of the robot cleaner also have a functional significance.

Its top-access cassette filters with an easy-view transparent window that make it easy to check how dirty the filter is are its most outstanding features. What's more, the large size of the filters mean they can gather more dirt and do not have to be changed so often as a result.

The way MAX 1 has been designed has also had a positive impact on its weight. Weighing just 6.5 kg, it is one of the lightest electric pool cleaners in the market and, therefore, one of the easiest to handle. The cleaner likewise has an innovative transformer designed to make it totally intuitive to use. It includes two cleaning cycles that are selected depending on the size of a pool.