The Central Ontario Pool & Hot Tub council held their regional meeting last week (Wednesday, March 19th) at the manufacturing facility of Canadian General Tower (CGT). 




CGT hosted the event, providing the venue for the local chapter meeting as well as giving the chapter a tour of the facility and a luncheon.  There were 30 members in attendance including Emmett DeAngelis, chapter President, and Robert Wood, Executive Director of the Pool and Hot tub Council of Canada.    

In addition to a plant tour, CGT provided technical information on everything from tips for optimal water chemistry in vinyl liner swimming pools as well as a complete presentation on the process used for developing new pool liners designs each season.  CGT’s new CEO, Craig Richardson, gave a presentation on how CGT is proud to serve the industry as the only supplier of vinyl sheeting in North America that makes, designs and prints the vinyl for swimming pool liners.  Mr. Richardson also stressed that CGT’s new ownership is focused on listening to its customers and is committed to innovation in quality and new products.   

Attendees were overwhelmed with the CGT operation, how pool vinyl is made, the hospitality, and commitment by CGT to the industry.  CGT plans to host additional plant tours and host events for the various Ontario pool and hot tub chapters in the future.