Logo WahcThe organisers of the 2014 World Aquatic Health Conference (WAHC) are offering a $50 saving on the cost of registration for people who register by 1 June.

Hosted by the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF), the WAHC is scheduled for 8–10 October and is being held in Portland, Oregon in the USA.

“Helping to make pools fiscally sustainable and improve the safety of those facilities will more likely lead to keeping them open, and keep people coming back for the two things they value most – their health and their families,” explains Thomas M. Lachocki, CEO of the NSPF.

“There is a broad diversity of attendees and seminars offered, resulting in 57% of our attendees returning each year, no matter where it is located,” says conference manager Michelle Kavanaugh. “We truly listen to conference attendees as they reflect their experience in the post-event surveys, and we make changes accordingly.”

The 2013 WAHC attracted attendees from 39 states and seven countries: the USA, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Finland, Poland and the Ukraine as well as Puerto Rico.

For further information, visit www.The WAHC.org