Andreas Sofikitis

« Andreas SOFIKITIS, a charismatic man, profoundly idealist, a vigorous fighter. Andreas, gifted with generosity, innate kindness, simplicity and genuine accessibility, easily attracted people around him.


His continuous determination to create innovation and high quality products has marked his contribution in the field of marble stones and in the pool industry.


He took over the management of his father family business in 1991, which till then operated as a quarry plant, and turned it into a fast growing marble processing unit. His passion for natural stones coupled with his expertise in the field of geology, reinforced his conviction that, exploiting the characteristics and properties of these elements can enhance the decoration of swimming pools and spas.


He generated the expansion of the company's product range thanks to his inexhaustible source of ideas and impulsive grasp of new trends in relation to the pool market. He paid particular attention to continuously develop the company's products and services, always attentive to satisfying customer's needs.


Thanks to his ingenuity and unique way of thinking, Sofikitis Poolstones has established itself over time as the most innovative, efficient and reliable manufacturer of decorative natural stones for swimming pools.


Andrea Sofikitis a creative person, full of dreams, hopes and anxieties managed to strenghten the export orientation of Sofikitis Poolstones, by expanding and consolidating its presence in 40 countries around the world and making its brand synonymous with pool decoration, quality, luxury and innovation. »





iPool 2013 Award iPool2013 award

         iPool2013 Award presented to Andreas SOFIKITIS by Michele RAVIZZA during aquanale