Alex Kemsley, the incoming BSPF President, gives his view on his forthcoming year in office. Taking on the role of BSPF President is a great honour, given the existing work commitments that I already have as Chairman of BISHTA and also a PIP Committee member.  


Alex Kemsley BSPF




Then there is my day job running Waterstream and Compass Pools with Simon Dickson (my business partner). I have been extremely grateful to Simon for the extra work that he has picked up while I have been away on various committees on behalf of the BSPF family.
It is reassuring to me, that when I take up my post as BSPF President, I have some prior knowledge about BISHTA (British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association) and PIP (Pool Industry Promotion), to know what these companies get involved with.


I have already worked with Richard Carrington, the BSPF’s outgoing President and SPATA’s Chairman (SPATA is the Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association).

As BSPF President, I am also responsible as the shareholder’s representative for working with Jamie Adams (PIP’s Chairman) and also with Howard Gosling (SPATEX’s Chairman) who have been committed to their respective roles for many years.

The BSPF provides a voice for each of the companies mentioned above and also for the STA (Swimming Teachers’ Association), who themselves provide much-valued advice and support.  It is important that BISHTA and SPATA members are reminded that they are also BSPF members, because by working together, this can strengthen the industry’s voice.

As BSPF President, my role is ultimately to be the person responsible on behalf of the Board for ensuring that the staff employed are given the right resources to carry out their roles and to oversee the work programme.  The BSPF office is a very professional team, and they are committed to providing the highest quality of service.

Finally, the BSPF is not only represented at home but provides a much-valued voice in Europe and is an active member of EUSA. Work with our European colleagues is a highly prized resource for the BSPF, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the EUSA committee members for their continued commitment.

The UK market for luxury goods has been strong, and the knock-on effect has been a buoyant pool and hot tub market during 2015. Trend results from the UK Wet Leisure survey compiled by Golden Coast and the BSPF have been released during SPATEX, which provide a valuable source of information for the industry. Copies of the survey are available from the BSPF and Golden Coast.