NespaFirst launched at the 2016 Pool & Spa Show in Atlantic City in January, The Pool & Spa Industry Survey was distributed to industry professionals throughout the greater northeast in early 2016.


Participation was limited to business owners and executive staff and respondents were asked to anonymously provide detailed information how their business performed in 2015 and what they expected their business to be like during the 2016 season.


The survey was distributed to over 2000 top executives and the participation rate was 14%. 



Planning to expand


50% of respondents expect their employment levels to increase in 2016


Industry news


90% read

Pool & Spa News

70% read Aqua Magazine

52% read The Edge Magazine



Diversified Marketing


53% use Social Media

42% use Direct MAil

40% use Print Advertising


Employee benefits


57% provide incentives

or bonuses

48% provide

health insurance

46% provide 

flex hours




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