Heatsavr in Eden Hall Spa

Eden Hall Spa in Nottinghamshire


This luxury Spa in Nottinghamshire, England, has made a saving of 35 per cent on electricity costs for its hot tubs by installing Heatsavr, the original liquid pool cover. The spa has two, 10-person outdoor hot tubs and an indoor salt water vitality pool. Technical manager Andrew Nevard is responsible for controlling energy costs and reducing maintenance issues within the facility.


Heatsavr attracted Andrew because of its energy saving potential. To put the product to the test, he purchased two electrical meters so that he could compare energy readings on the hot tubs before and after the liquid pool cover was installed.

Andrew confirms that he has saved 35% on his electricity costs for the hot tubs, much of these savings have come at night because the hot tubs now maintain a large amount of heat when they aren’t being used thanks to Heatsavr. He had tried to install traditional covers in the past but without success.

As well as reducing energy costs, Andrew has also found that he no longer needs to replace the hot tub heaters on an annual basis. This is because they do not have to work as hard to maintain a temperature of 38C. By using Heatsavr, he has been able to reduce the strain they used to be under. His annual saving on replacement costs is in the region of £3,500.

Further savings have come within the pool hall. The steel ceiling beams above the salt water pool used to require refurbishment every three months at a cost of £1,800 each time. The reduction in humidity because of Heatsavr now means that annual treatment is sufficient.

Andrew is delighted that the changes have also been noticed by vistors to the spa. They no longer comment on the rusting appearance of the metal finishes, and the windows within the spa are now free of moisture and the environment is much more comfortable for everyone.

Heatsavr liquid pool cover is distributed by Brenntag UK & Ireland, the global leader in chemical distribution. Brenntag now wants to promote the benefits of Heatsavr by developing its dealer network in France, Italy, Spain and Germany.