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This equity holding will allow MESLPRING INTERNATIONAL BV to strengthen its presence in southern Europe and stimulate growth in this strategic region.

MELSPRING produces and markets a full range of chemicals for private and public pools (wintering, inorganic and organic chlorine compounds, chlorine-free products, regulators, etc.) in 27 countries.

The company is an offshoot of the Dutch company at the origin of the MELCHIMIE chemical product for pools.

MELSPRING, which will celebrate its 80th anniversary this year, has a vast experience in chemistry, and is recognized the world over.

Exclusive distributor for 50 years of NIPPON SODA (high quality calcium hypochlorite) and NISSAN CHEMICAL (one of the best ATCC / DCCN in the world), it ensures that its products are registered to comply with BIOCIDE (BPR) regulations. 


It is also one of the suppliers listed under Article 95 of ECHA, and is also a member of:
• American Water Works Association (A.W.W.A)
• Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.)
• European standards
• DIN (Germany)
• Dutch Ministry of Health
• French Ministry of Health


Melspring usine du groupe Olmix

Olmix group


Its products are non-oxidizing and so stocks can be increased in stores and warehouses.
Additionally, MELSPRING INTERNATIONAL BV is part of the international OLMIX group, a leader in the field of animal feed and agrichemicals produced from algae.



Jean-Pierre LOPEZ

Jean-Pierre Lopez


The group has several production sites all over the world.

Jean-Pierre LOPEZ is the Managing Director of POOL CARE France for MELSPRING SAS.


Melspring SAS 
300 rue Georges Latil
Polygone Nord 
Tél: +33 (0)4 68 51 60 95


Piscine Global

Melspring will be present at PISCINE GLOBAL 2016 in LYON, Stand 4F27