Choose your pool without getting wet is now possible for the future customers of LPW Ceramic Pools, with their new virtual showroom! The Belgian manufacturer of monoshell swimming pools will showcase it on its stand at the Batibouw exhibition.


Equipped with a virtual reality helmet, the client will be able to "dive" into his dream pool. This virtual showroom is a real advantage for the swimming pool manufacturer: all the models will be displayed and can be tested virtually without getting wet.  Customers can thus select, test and choose the pool model that best suits their needs.

After the Batibouw exhibition, this experience, unique in Belgium, will be replicated in the LPW Ceramic Pools showroom in Aarschot, Belgium, located next to its manufacturing plant.


Showroom Virtuel

Virtual reality at the service of future pool owners

LPW Ceramic Pools is a Belgian family company specialising in composite monoshell swimming pools and a pioneer in the field of innovation.
Guillaume de Troostembergh, its CMD, believes that new technologies should help everyone when they make important choices. Selecting a pool where the model, dimensions and depth are suitable for the whole family, and installing it in one's home, is a major project.  This pool will offer hours of fun and sport to family and friends, and at the same time bring added value to the house.

That is why LPW Ceramic Pools, in collaboration with Creatix, has developed this virtual reality application for visualising the 14 models of the LPW range and personalising them according to the client's needs and requirements. After adjusting its dimensions, the client puts on the virtual reality helmet and "enters" the pool he has chosen.  He is then able to perfectly visualize the depth of the water around him and discover what it would feel like to dive into each of the 4 depths available or to virtually climb one of the 5 models of stairs of the range (corner, roman, beach, etc.).


Showroom Virtuel

Why create a virtual showroom?

Anyone who wishes to install a swimming pool at home would ask themselves how the chosen model would look once installed in the garden, or what depth to choose.

Committed to accompanying his clients in their choices, Guillaume de Troostembergh explains: "I realised over time that anyone considering the acquisition of a pool not only needs to understand how it is made, but also to visualise the manner in which the chosen model will be installed in his garden.  Displaying 14 models in our showroom is impossible – right now, three of the models are exhibited, including La Plage, the star model of 2016.  With virtual reality, the client can discover all the other models too".

There is another important practical aspect to this virtual showroom: it is transportable, and the pools can be presented to visitors at an exhibition, for example, as is the case at the Batibouw.

The future owner may, for instance, after specifying the desired height, choose to "enter" the pool virtually.  He can thus judge the depth of the water around him in order to get an actual idea of ​​how deep our pools are (and see if he has a footing).

He can also choose the colour of his swimming pool, turn the pool lights on and off, etc.


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