This summer Budapest, one of the most charming cities along the Danube River, will be the swimming capital, hosting the most important swimming event. Almost one year after the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games, the FINA Swimming World Championships 2017 will take place from July 14 to 30 in Katinka Hosszu and Laszlo Cseh homeland.

Myrtha Pools Budapest

The countdown to the XVII edition of the FINA Swimming World Championships has already begun!  Balatonfüred and Budapest will be the home to competitions and for two weeks will be the arena where the top athletes of aquatic sports compete, giving fans 15 days of thrilling emotions and amazing challenges.  All the swim stars will hit the scenes in swimming, open water swimming, synchro, water polo and diving competitions.

At this great occasion, Myrtha Pools will install 2 temporary pools: a warm up pool and a competition pool for synchro swimming.

At this time the two temporary pools for the Championship are already in Budapest. During these recent months, Myrtha Pools has completed a 33x25x2 m pool and a 25x25x3 m pool.

These two pools have been installed in two different areas of the city to compensate for the lack of facilities available for athletes training to prepare for July’s challenges.


Myrtha Pools

Many of the existing pools in Budapest are closed for maintenance, and Myrtha Pools managed to create the ideal solution. Thanks to the fast track installation pace, a hallmark of Myrtha Technology, the company has been able to deliver to the city of Budapest, and the athletes, the appropriate location to gear up for such a special event

At the end of the month the two pools will be dismantled and temporarily re-installed in the Városliget city park, UNESCO heritage, home to the synchro swimming competitions.

The pools designed by Myrtha for the FINA Swimming World Championships 2017 are a training size 50x25x3 m and a competition size 30x25x3 m. The dismantling of the pools will happen at the end of the event and they will be permanently installed in other facilities shortly after.