In perfect harmony with the spirit of the event and in line with the company’s strategy putting end users more and more at the centre of all its operations, FITT had decided to include a display on its stand at Piscine Global Europe specially designed to illustrate the innovative features of the FITT B-Active, the flexible spiral hose for water suction and delivery in swimming-pool.


Test on FITT B-Active pool hose at Piscine Global Europe Show




Test on FITT B-Active hose at Piscine Global Europe Show


Ring stiffness test

This test assesses the ring stiffness of a hose subjected to external pressure.
More specifically, a press was used to subject the FITT B-Active to a pressure of 22 kg per centimetre, corresponding to the accidental shock caused by a person weighing 220 kg and wearing a 10 cm wide shoe, standing on the hose.

The ring stiffness of the FITT B-Active is 60% greater than traditional hose.
It presents just 3% distortion with a pressure of 34 KN/m² corresponding to 3400KgF/m².

Greater ring stiffness results in:

•    Better resistance to cracking
•    Better resistance to crushing

This test is conducted simulating the standard test according to EN ISO 9969 (determination of the ring stiffness for thermoplastic tubes).


Bending radius test

This test assesses the bending radius and flexibility of the FITT B-Active hose before it distorts and finally collapses.
Bending the hose simulates the stress it suffers at its extreme bending radii.

A lower bending radius means that:

•    Less hose is needed for installation
•    Fewer fittings are needed leading to cost savings and a safer result.

This test was conducted simulating the standard test according to EN ISO 10619-1 (measurement of flexibility and stiffness for rubber and plastic hoses and tubes).

Chlorine test

The following image shows the test results of the FITT B-Active and of another hose available on the market, after they had been in contact with an aqueous solution of sodium dichloroisocyanurate at 8 g/l for 45 days.


Test sur le tuyau FITT B-Active et sur un autre tuyau lors du Salon Piscine Global Europe

Comparative test



After 45 days the results showed that:

•    When traditional hoses remain in contact with water containing high levels of chlorine, they already deteriorate after 45 days.
•    FITT B-Active showed no signs of deterioration due to chemical agents or even discolouration.

Guarantee and insurance coverage

FITT not only guarantees its products for 10 years, it also has specific insurance coverage for 10 years against damage caused to third parties.