The 16th World Aquatic Health Conference featuring Ryan Avery

Ryan Avery, an Emmy-award winning journalist, two-time best-selling author, 2012 World Championship for Toastmasters International and world record holder, is on a mission to show leaders how to Go From A to THE® in their industry! 

Today's world is competitive, innovative, and seriously fast-paced. When we are serious about growing our business, it is no longer acceptable to offer A product, A solution or even be A Leader. Today's consumers, employees, and followers want THE product, THE solution, and THE leader to follow. When we want to eliminate our competition, set record sales, motivate others to action, and produce solutions that actually matter, it's time to Go From A to THE®. Ryan Avery will deliver game changing, life magnifying strategies that allow WAHC audience members to step up to achieve next-level results. 

The World Aquatic Health Conference is held every year in  a different place of the United States. The 16th WAHC will be held on October 16-18, 2019 at Williamsburg Lodge, Virginia (USA). 

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