T&A reveals its new products at international trade shows in Spain and Germany

T&A is manufacturing pool covers for the past 24 years and will be celebrating its 25th next year. After a significant growth in 2019, the company is very happy to be present on the shows Piscina & Wellness in Barcelona and Aquanale in Germany and is preparing all winter for the season of 2020. T&A revealed its new products at the Barcelona show.

Innovations for pool and spa covers

First, T&A will be launching next year an app for iPhone and Android Smartphones that can control its pool covers. But the biggest product is the announced novelty: the new spa cover, called RollOver.

The advantages of RollOver, the new spa cover 

T&A has been developing this spa cover for a few years, so it is a really well-thought-out product. It is a fully automatic slatted cover operated via a key switch. Very simple to operate RollOver is very sturdy. Indeed, it can easily support a weight of an adult, so it is also safe for children. When it is closed and the key is away, a child cannot open it on its own.

About insulation, thanks to its slat with a silicon base, the spa is hermetically sealed: no air or no heat can escape that way. Furthermore, the silicon base also will stay completely clean, no algae or bacteria can grow in the silicon.

Thus, RollOver ensures both the safety, the insulation and the cleanliness of the spa. T&A also offers a solution for swim spas, if they are integrated in the terrace and a bench, using the same technology, that drives over the swim spa to cover it. 

Rollover automatic spa cover T&A Piscina & Wellness 2019

The RollOver automatic spa cover showcased at Piscina & Wellness 2019

The challenges of the automatic covers manufacturer for 2020

The company is expecting even more turnover in 2020. So, T&A is preparing its production for even more covers to be sold, and of course for having a new product in its range. For this challenge, T&A is doing everything it possible to make it happen.