Uniting of two families in the european pool industry

NIVEKO joins the group Pollet Pool

The originally small family business NIVEKO, is now a well-established manufacturer in Europe as it distributes monobloc swimming pools in 18 European countries - each swimming pool exactly tailored according to the customer's specifications. To provide the customer with a full service, flexible with regard to both time and demanding requirements, the company exclusively distributes its pools through a network of trained professional business partner companies.

By joining the Pollet Pool Group, NIVEKO has strengthened significantly in the context of the European pool market, but it also ensures a better position within international trade, which is an advantage both for its business partner network and also for suppliers. So that we can make customers happy as one big family together across Europe.

Innumerable possibilities and combinations of optional design and functional elements

In its portfolio, the company primarily relies on the wide choice of overflow troughs; however, neither are classic skimmer solutions missing. There are innumerable possibilities and combinations of optional design and functional elements - from the location and shape of stairs to the number and material of nozzles. NIVEKO also offers interesting accessories that relieve the customer of having to care for the pool, by combining filtration technology, controlled via the nPooL control application, including pre-installed automatic refilling or lamellar covering. The material from which their pools are manufactured is of a homogenous, fully coloured type, produced in Germany exclusively for the purpose of pools manufacture. 

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